Makeup and products I use to try to disguise my dark circles!

Let's talk about make-up!  For as long as I can remember I have loved the stuff. Back in the 90's (when I thought I was really cool but I really wasn't), I rocked the good old frosted lipstick & probably looked as orange as an actual orange with all the Rimmel bronzer I used to slap on. We all thought we looked so good too...

Fast forward a few decades (eeeek) & I still love it as much, although I now have some idea how to apply it. And there's not a frosted lipstick in sight.

Another reason I love make up so much is because as a poorly person, it has become my best friend in helping me disguise my 'very scary, chronically ill' face.  Although I have an "invisible illness" I don't think it is actually always that invisible. I blogged previously about that here.

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When I get up in a morning & look in the mirror I always think "URGH". I look pretty poorly. It's obvious I'm not well. Pale face, despite the rest of me having an olive tone and horrible dark circles under my eyes. That's my biggest problem area which is why I have come to rely on concealer. I look really grey sometimes too which is a big giveaway that there's something wrong!

I don't wear make-up every day. When I first became poorly (many years ago now) & had to stop work, I was pretty much bedbound for a year & practically lived in my pyjamas.  So now, I try to get dressed each day at some point as it takes me right back to those dark dark days if I don't. It definitely helps mentally. I also feel better with a bit of make-up on, but it wears me out so much doing it that unless I'm going out I tend to not put much on whilst just in the house. Just enough to make me feel less gross! I love putting it on though, so if I am going somewhere & feel able I will just take my time with it.

I start by applying some Garnier BB Cream which I find really nice on the skin. It doesn't give mega heavy coverage but it works well & does a fairly good job at evening out my skin. I used to always buy the normal version & found my skin was always so greasy, so now I get the one for combination to oily skin in medium.

I apply it with a Real Techniques buffing brush, which has become my number 1 favourite thing! I don't know how I coped before I had one as they make your make-up so much easier to apply & give such a lovely finish. The Real Techniques Core Collection  is a really good set which has 4 starter brushes in (including the buffing brush) & I would definitely recommend it if you fancy trying some brushes.

I then add my concealer & my favourite at the moment is the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. I watch make-up tutorials on YouTube & everyone always raves about it. It only costs about £4 too. I have shades 2 & 3 but I find 2 the best for my skin tone, although the palest one is probably one I need too.

Top left before concealer. Top right during (I apply wherever needs it).
Bottom left on 1 eye. Bottom right on both eyes .

I then set it with some mattifying powder & put some bronzer on. I use the Body Shop honey bronze bronzing powder at the moment as it isn't too orange & you can build it up. I used to put bronzer all over my face but now I know you don't need to!! Just apply on places that naturally catch the sun.

Something I think makes a huge difference to how you look is blusher. Blusher reminds me of my grandma as I always raided her make up stash when I was little & she had the Max Factor powders & blushers. Or rouge as she called it :) I have a few different ones but at the moment I'm using a baked one by Makeup Revolution. It's really pigmented & I think a shade that would suit all skin tones... here.

One major thing that I think opens your eyes a lot is black eyeliner & mascara. If I can't be bothered with proper make up I always put a bit of liner under my bottom lash line. It makes them look so much bigger! I also have a Rimmel ScandalEyes waterproof Kohl Liner in Nude which I sometimes put on the inside corner of my eyes & my waterline. Once it's on it well & truly stays on!

Finally, lipstick. It changes your whole face. I never used to think it suited me so wore gloss for years, but I have a rather large lipstick collection now! You can't go wrong with a classic red lip & I have so many that I can't pick a favourite. This one is by Collection & it is really pigmented.

I have lots of other make up & I use various different things depending on how I feel, but this tends to be the typical look I do. I seem to do more of a natural eye more often than colour as it is easier, but I am not afraid of being daring. I also stick to a natural lip if I wear colour on my eyes. I did some smoky eyes recently which I don't often do but I really liked how they looked. I put Rimmel Exaggerate lipliner in Eastend-Snob on my lips which is a beauty blogger iconic product & goes with everything!

Before I go (I know it has been long, sorry!) I'm just wondering if you saw these pictures of me without me saying I was poorly would you know? Do I look ill? Would you know I spent the majority of the time with crippling exhaustion and pain? The answer is likely no!

People are so quick to judge regarding how you look. I get it all the time when I am out. The stares because I am in a wheelchair. The tuts when I park in a disabled space. It gets right on my nerves so please please don't judge or pass comment without thinking first. That is all I will say now as I've ranted lots about it before!!

Thank you make-up for helping me look slightly less zombie like :-) If you fancy a giggle have a look at when my little girl did my make up here!!



  1. You look gorgeous Ali :) In a way I am glad we have the option to cover up our illness but sometimes it can be frustrating when you don't look how you feel as some people don't take you seriously

    1. Aw thanks Donna. Yes I totally agree.. people have no idea at all!x


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