Flower delivery from Flowerworld UK

Everyone knows how much I love flowers so imagine my absolute delight when I found out I had won a competition with Flowerworld to win (wait for it)..... a bouquet every fortnight for a whole year!!

Whaaaat?!! I actually couldn't believe it. I screamed!

Everyone loves flowers but I find that with being stuck in a lot because of my illness, having fresh flowers around the house makes me smile. It makes me feel happy.

After I found out I had won (and freaked out a bit/a lot) I waited for the site to launch and made my first order. I am so impressed with the whole service that I decided to blog about it. They have not asked me to or anything but I just want to share as it's so good!

You never know with online flower delivery places how good the quality will be. I have seen so many expectation V reality photos from very well known companies and they have sometimes not looked anything like advertised.

I chose a bouquet called the Summer Meadow which was stunning and it looked like this online

It was really easy to order and did amuse me writing a message for myself on the card! I waited with anticipation the following day and I got giddy when I saw a delivery van pull up and the lady knocked on the door with a huge box. Eeeek...

I'm not sure what I was expecting but they were arranged beautifully and wrapped in lovely cellophane.

I couldn't believe how gorgeous they were and not only did they look exactly as they did online, dare I say they looked even nicer! Three huge sunflowers with roses, lilies, stocks and a few others with a lovely bow amongst them. Simply stunning.

I couldn't stop looking at them and felt incredibly lucky to have won.

Another thing about Flowerworld that made me smile is that their tagline is 'send happiness'. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love a Random Act of Kindness and I often send stuff to people to make then smile :-) I am allowed to send the flowers to other people too so perhaps you will get a surprise at some point over the next year...

It's now just over a week since I got the flowers and they are looking as amazing as they did when they arrived. The lilies have just started opening and I think they will last a good while yet. They make me happy every time I see them. Instant happiness!

When I was browsing the site I noticed that they have 20% off first orders with the code FIRSTORDER20% so if you are looking to send someone (or yourself!) some flowers then I would definitely recommend them. The prices are pretty reasonable too for what you get.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Flowerworld for picking me as one of their winners. I really do feel very grateful and I can't wait to keep my house full of pretty blooms for the next year!

They have an animated journey on their website showing how the flowers go from being picked to being delivered which I found really interesting!

Let me know if you order and which bouquet you go for :-)



Crown and Glory Glitterati unboxing July 2016

July's Crown & Glory Glitterati box was festival themed and so much fun!

Embroidered folk bandeau (I got blue yay!!)
RRP £10

Arrow bobby pins
RRP £5

Star chain crown
RRP £15

Tribal hair tie trio
RRP £6

I use these all the time and always have at least one round my wrist. They don't hurt your hair or snag it when trying to take them out so they are probably one of my most worn items!

LED light up hair braid
RRP £15

An actual light up hair braid!!! Of course I had to try it (talk about posing for the camera!) and then little Miss stole it...

Some temporary tattoos were in there too which we love in our house!

I love wearing them in warmer weather & between me and my little Miss we've already used half of them. Some of the other girls kindly send us some of theirs too so we have plenty to keep us going!

So all in all a very fun box! I don't know how Sophie and Gareth think of so many new ideas each month. They really are the King and Queen of sparkle!

August is going to be the Glitterati's 2nd birthday which I can't really believe. I've made so many lovely friends since being a part of it so it's almost like the hair accessories are a bonus!! I honestly recommend it to everyone :-)

Click to join the Glitterati which is the coolest club in town!!



Crown and Glory Glitterati box June 2016

I thought I had lost the photos that I took of June's Crown & Glory Glitterati box as my memory card was corrupted (!) but I still have them so although it's late, here is what we got!!

For a lover of all things flamingo and pineapple, the Coco Cabana theme went down very well!

Glitter flamingo headband
RRP £25

Hawaiian-print satin turban headband
RRP £15

Glitter watermelon slice
RRP £5

Pineapple barrette
RRP £5

I've become a bit addicted to taking flatlays so couldn't resist this one with my tropical print paper which matches the theme perfectly!

As always, if you fancy joining the coolest gang full of the most fabulous ladies, leave my name in the referral box and we will both get a voucher for spend on the site yay!



Making sensory bottles! (glitter is involved!)

Everyone who knows me knows I love glitter, so when I  saw a video of how to make sensory bottles and there was glitter involved I was straight on it!!

My little girl has acquired my love of the stuff so I'm not sure who was more excited about it.

They are really simple and take hardly any time. All you need is a plastic bottle, glitter glue, warm water and glitter. Whichever colours you fancy!

She opted for pink, red and silver so the first part was squeezing out the glitter glue into the bottle. I don't think there's any right or wrong way of doing it, give it a good squeeze and make sure there's a decent dollop there!

Next you add warm water

Then the best part...the glitter!!

Make sure the lid is on securely; we added some sellotape to give it some extra protection. The same thing I do with bottles of suncream when taking them on holiday! Then give it a good shake...

That's basically it! It's so pretty and the effect when the glitter is settling is really relaxing. I can see why they are good for kids (but I like it and I'm far from being a child!).

You can add stuff like foil confetti, buttons, sequins, even small toys. Anything you fancy really. I've seen Lego ones online which would be quite fun. We made another one the following day with loom bands in and it worked well. It was literally just loom bands and water but such a nice effect when you shake it!

I can see it getting addictive!!

Let me know if you give it a go :-)


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