Making sensory bottles! (glitter is involved!)

Everyone who knows me knows I love glitter, so when I  saw a video of how to make sensory bottles and there was glitter involved I was straight on it!!

My little girl has acquired my love of the stuff so I'm not sure who was more excited about it.

They are really simple and take hardly any time. All you need is a plastic bottle, glitter glue, warm water and glitter. Whichever colours you fancy!

She opted for pink, red and silver so the first part was squeezing out the glitter glue into the bottle. I don't think there's any right or wrong way of doing it, give it a good squeeze and make sure there's a decent dollop there!

Next you add warm water

Then the best part...the glitter!!

Make sure the lid is on securely; we added some sellotape to give it some extra protection. The same thing I do with bottles of suncream when taking them on holiday! Then give it a good shake...

That's basically it! It's so pretty and the effect when the glitter is settling is really relaxing. I can see why they are good for kids (but I like it and I'm far from being a child!).

You can add stuff like foil confetti, buttons, sequins, even small toys. Anything you fancy really. I've seen Lego ones online which would be quite fun. We made another one the following day with loom bands in and it worked well. It was literally just loom bands and water but such a nice effect when you shake it!

I can see it getting addictive!!

Let me know if you give it a go :-)



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