Crown and Glory Glitterati unboxing August 2016. Second anniversary box!

This box was an exciting one (but they all are!) as it was going to be the second anniversary of the Crown & Glory Glitterati. There had been a poll on the group and whichever got the most votes was going to be the theme of the box.

Say hello to the Sakura season box!

There were a couple of prints in the box which I absolutely love. One was for the new style zine which I really like and the other is for an a Instagram 31 day challenge which is running at the moment as part of the birthday celebrations. They are already up on my wall!

The box contents looked like this (and made me squeal a bit with excitement!)...

An exclusive Cherry Blossom crown which came in a variety of colours but I love the one I got

A Blossom bobby pin set

The Sakura hair clip duo (in either silver or gold)

A new monthly thing called the Hair Flair club which is in collab with a different artist or illustrator 

Such a gorgeous box and we also got some confetti hearts and a balloon for the last day of the Instagram challenge! If you want to follow me on there it's @alulabelle3 :-) 

As usual someone else agreed how nice the box was!! 

Happy birthday Glitterati! Thank you Sophie and Gareth for creating such a brilliant thing and for being the reason for so many friendships being born. I not only love the hair accessories but I love everyone who's a part of it too.. it's like being in the best gang of sparkly people who provide the best support. But that's enough of the soppy, off to try on my new things now :-)


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