Asking my daughter questions! How well does she know me?

I've seen those things on Facebook before where you ask your children questions about you and see what they say... so I've been thinking of stuff to ask my little Miss and here's how it went!!

1. How do you know I love you?

Because I love you too much and we are always together and even though you are poorly, no matter what happens we'd always love each other. You always are kissing me and hugging me and you always call me beautiful, helpful and amazing. You always say "I love you" to infinity and beyond and say "do you know how much I love you?".

2. What is something I always say to you?

I love you and you're a silly sausage!!

3. What makes me happy?

Me, sparkles, glitter, daddy.

4. What makes me sad?

When you're sunbathing outside and it rains!

5. How do I make you laugh?

Tickling me.

6. What is my favourite thing to do?

Spend time with me and dad when you get chance.

7. What do I do when you're not here?


8. What am I really good at?

Doing crafts.

9. What am I not good at?


10. What is my favourite food?

Pickled cucumbers!

11. How would you describe me to your friends?

Older. Way older!
Really beautiful.

12. What do you do that makes me laugh?

Anything can make you laugh with me. Tickle you. When I sneak up and tickle your feet.

13. What's the nicest thing I ever did for you?

Surprise me with getting a Tiny Treasure doll for my birthday that I'd wanted. You kept saying what if you don't get one and I thought I wasn't!

14. If we could do anything together what would it be?

Spending the whole day invisible and spending time doing pranks and tricks.

15. What is my favourite thing to watch?

Love Island!
(* Oh the shame.)

16. If I could go anywhere on holiday where would it be?

To a really sunny place where you can relax.

17. What is my favourite drink?


18. What would my dream job be?

Making glittery stuff!

19. Who is my favourite singer?

Christina Aga something!

20. If I had £100 what would I buy?

Anything you can see that's glittery. Presents for friends and family.


I found her answers really interesting and some of them made me laugh lots.  I had no idea I said silly sausage either but she cried at a film yesterday and I said it then haha!

Sangria IS something I like but I dont drink it often :-D  Pickled cucumber is not what I'd choose as my favourite food but I do like them so that made me giggle.

She keeps asking me to do another "quiz" for her so I've got something else in mind which I'll do shortly!

Hope you enjoyed reading,

Ali xx


There's more to me than M.E

If you read my blog you'll already know that I have the incurable chronic illness M.E (myalgic encephalomyelitis). It is a huge part of my life.  It kind of dictates how I do things and stops me from doing a whole load of stuff that I want to do.  However, it does not define me and I'm not just the girl who has M.E.  When I say girl, I clearly mean lady as I'm way too old to be a girl but you know what I mean!!

I thought I'd chat about some of the stuff that makes me 'me' when we take M.E out of the equation.

* Glitter. If it's glittery I have to have it.  End of.

* Sparkle.  The same goes for anything sparkly.  I can absolutely give any magpie a run for it's money.

* Music.  I love all types and it depends on my mood as to what I like to listen to.  I do love a bit of reminiscing with some old school tunes from back in the day.  (The days when I was a girl)! I also love a good singalong to Disney as much as I love rocking to Oasis.  Oasis is an iconic indie band, for those of you lucky enough to be much younger than me who may not know who they are!!

* TV shows which are gritty and full of action.  Just love them and always open to ideas for news ones, although it's likely I've seen them already.

* Trashy TV. I don't watch much normal TV at all but my guilty pleasure is trashy shows like Love Island, which is my current favourite.   I'm also wondering if all young people these days use the language/phrases like they do on it as I've never heard of half the stuff they say!!  Again I feel old.

* The colour blue. It is my favourite colour and it's the one I'm always drawn to.  People assume it would be pink as I am quite a girly girl but royal blue it is.

* Stationery.  I have far too many notebooks and pens but I just can't help it.

* Tea.  I love a good strong cuppa but none are as good as Yorkshire tea.  I can't bear weak tea or milky tea. Yuk! Builder's tea all the way.  I also have a cupboard full of herbal teas but a proper cuppa is the one.  I have a LOT of mugs but I also have a few China cups and saucers as I think tea tastes better in them!

* I prefer savoury stuff to sweet.  Give me a bag of crisps over chocolate or cake any day.  Walkers cheese and onion is my all time favourite. Not that I'll turn down sweet treats either though!

* Make up.  I love the stuff and have so much of it but tend to stick to the same selection of things each time.  I'm not afraid to experiment with colour, I love a bold lip or bright eyes. And glitter obviously.

* Bags.  As most women do, I have a vast collection of bags.  Half of which I never use.  Oh shoes too.  And hair accessories. It's a woman's perogative isn't it?

* Jewellery.  To go alongside my crazy amount of bags and shoes I also have a ridiculous amount of jewellery.  Again I don't even wear half of it oooops.

* Plastic cups/bottles.  I much prefer drinking from plastic cups and stuff than glass. Not sure why but I do.

* Friends and family.  No explanation needed really but I'd be lost without them.

* Sunshine.  It makes me happy, it motivates me and I always feel that bit better with a bit of colour.  Plus BBQs!!

* Amaretto.  It's my favourite alcoholic drink ever.  On the rocks.  I like the odd glass of vino too and I risk the way it makes me feel because I have intolerance to alcohol but hey ho .  Also the sound of the first bit of wine being poured from a newly opened bottle is one of my favourite sounds ever!!

* Flowers.  I love fresh flowers and don't like it when I don't have any.  I'm a sucker for a crystal vase too and have been known to buy them from charity shops despite definitely not needing any more!

* Anything pineapple, flamingo, unicorn, cactus or succulent themed. I'm terrible and just can't help myself.

* Disney.  We are going to Disneyland Paris soon for the first time and I appear to have become slightly obsessed with all things Disney. I may just cry when I meet the Minnie Mouse!

* Random Acts of Kindness.  One of my favourite things and it just makes me all fuzzy doing things that make people smile. I'm also very lucky to be on the receiving end of random loveliness sometimes and it honestly is the best feeling.

* My girl. My ray of sunshine.  The thing I'm most proud of.  She makes me smile,  laugh and grateful that I've raised a little person who's as crazy as me!!


I'll end it there as I think that's enough for now but if you think of anything else that makes you think of me then please tell me in the comments :-)


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