"Mummy I want to tell you something".

A few weeks ago my little girl said she wanted to tell me something but didn't want to upset me.  She knows she can tell me anything so I reminded her of that and she said it. It broke my heart when she did but I'm still glad she did. She said that it makes her a bit sad that I can't do stuff with her like other people do with their mummies because of my illness.  I had to fight the tears and turn it into something positive by saying we should sit down and write a list of stuff we CAN do.

Seeing the smile on her face while we were coming up with ideas was priceless. We both agreed that we wanted to try and do more things together, just the two of us.  We do a lot in the house already and we are masters of craft but there are lots of other stuff we want to do (when I'm up to it). We want make going out together a regular thing rather than every now and then. Proper girlie time.

She had been asking for ages if we could go pottery painting again after we went last year so I rang the place to see if they had a space and off we went!  She was happy. I was happy! It's really relaxing too.

We had a lovely time and despite me feeling exhausted afterwards, it was so worth it. I made her a plate and she painted a fox. She has such attention to detail and the lady working there was very impressed with how well she did the eyelashes!

Other things on our list include going out for hot chocolate/lunch /cake/dinner together, going for our nails painting, finding some new craft places, going to the library and chilling with some books, having a pamper session at home with relaxing music and lights (thanks sis for my colour changing oil diffuser!), baking (she's good at the stuff which requires using energy!!).  I bought her a piping bag and some edible glitter today as after watching Bake Off, she really wants to learn how to pipe!

One of her ideas was going shopping in town and she said I could buy her something and then she would get me something with her pocket money. That girl :-) She even said she's happy to go for a walk round the block with me while I'm on the scooter!! Little things are absolutely the big things.

With how I am, it's difficult to plan and even if we arrange something, I may not be up to it on the day which is rubbish but it's just how things are for me. However we will make up for it when I do feel able. With extra cake!

We have been snuggling up together quite a bit watching 'the secret life of a 4/5/6 year old' as she loves those programmes and I want us to have lots of Disney marathons in preparation for when we go to Disneyland Paris later this year. Eeeeek. We are both very excited to meet Minnie!!!

Being a mummy (with M.E) is difficult. It's also amazing and I wouldn't change my girlie for anything. She's my absolute sunshine.

If you have any other ideas of (low energy) things we could do, please feel free to leave me a comment!


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