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Hello, I'm Ali and I am a 30-something mummy to a 7 year old (sometimes good) girl!

I suffer from a debilitating chronic illness called M.E - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - and write about my life and experience of being a parent whilst poorly. Prior to my illness I was a lawyer but in 2003, after months of not being well, I was diagnosed with M.E and had to give up work. I was housebound for a year and gradually improved a bit but after having my daughter in 2009 I suffered a relapse and my health has never been great since.

M.E is an invisible illness (apparently) so to some people I may look perfectly OK when it actual fact I am really not. However, I try my very best to be positive and focus on the stuff I CAN do rather than I cannot.

I am glitter obsessed and love pretty things which is something I seem to have passed on to my daughter! We can often be found surrounded by a lot of craft stuff making a lot of random things. Quality time with her is very important to me and because I am unable to go out a lot, we do fun things in the house as much as we can.

I used to get asked a lot of questions about what it was like being a parent with M.E and I decided to start a blog about it. I find writing very cathartic and it has become a bit of a lifeline for me as it's somewhere I can go to get things off my chest. If my posts inspire or help other sufferers feel a tiny bit supported, then that makes me very happy.

You can expect serious posts but also funny ones. Children are rather amusing after all! There are craft ideas aplenty and I share some of the stuff I like too so there will be flowers, hair accessories and lots of sparkle!!

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