I've been lying in bed for hours desperately needing sleep but unable to do so because of the horrendous pain in my legs. Twitching, restlessness, almost like someone is running a knife up & down constantly.  So here I am!  And all because I was on my feet more than I should have been because it was party day.

The morning was about making sandwiches & putting all the food together.  I didn't do it though, needed to try & save my tiny bit of energy.  How useless does that make me feel?  Can't make sandwiches becuase it will wipe me out too much!  But to be honest, I can cope with not buttering what seemed like 100 slices of bread.

I used my little energy to put some make up on & try to disguise the dark circles under my eyes!  And to make myself look, & feel, better.  Amazing how a mask of make up makes you (or me anyway) feel.  It doesn't necessarily make me look brilliant but if it helps me feel better than can't really complain.   All thanks to www.eyeslipsface.co.uk whose products I use!

Everything was ready to go & party princess was ready to party!  Went to the hall & set stuff up.  We had very girly, princessy things to do.  Nails (my forte!) face paints, lucky dip, guess the name of the princess and various games.  They all loved it.

I tried to stay sitting down which I had to do whilst painting nails, but was up & down a fair bit.  Despite my mum telling my to sit down & she was right.  I can be stubborn though!

Successful party, lots of lovely princesses & one happy extra special birthday Princess. Makes all the pain & the way I am feeling worth it.

A big thank you to all my family & friends who helped out.  Also people I've not known very long have been so supportive & kind.  I am very grateful for those friendships.

I have been told by 3 different people this weekend that I am a supermum.  I don't agree but it makes me feel very emotional.  I will be hidden away now for several days while the payback well & truly hits me. There will no doubt be tears.  It won't be pretty!  But no parties for another year!


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