Mobility scooters & wheelchairs & funniness!

Before I start this post I just want to mention that it has been a very sad week as a friend, who was a big part of the M.E community on Twitter, very sadly passed away.  I know how much he would have enjoyed this post & I would like to dedicate it to him.  Allan, hope you're laughing up there xx


I have been researching for this post recently; meaning I have been asking people via social media for their funny stories!  No naming & shaming but if you are one of those lovely people then thank you for the giggles & for allowing me to share :)

The idea for it came about when I recently used a mobilty scooter at the supermarket. When I was ready to leave, I asked my carer who was with me if she would take the scooter back for me & we swapped places. However instead of going into reverse she went forward & narrowly avoided knocking me over! I just laughed hysterically whereas she looked horrified at what had nearly happened!!

It made me think of other incidents I have had when using mobilty scooters. One that sticks in my mind is when I was at Butlins a few years ago & somehow managed to knock the switch into reverse whilst the key was in & I went straight over a poor man's foot.  I went into panic mode & went forward full of apologies but then (& this makes me cringe still) I went backwards AGAIN & did it for a second time.  Oh the shame!  The poor guy. He said he was ok, whilst holding onto his foot clearly pained & I felt terrible.  When we left I broke into fits of nervous laughter, I was nearly sick for laughing but in a kind of "what have I done" kind of way!! Do you know how heavy those things are?! Ooops.

Another one that sticks in my mind is when I went off in a shopping centre & proceeded to get stuck in a particular shop near the shoes.  I tried moving but it wouldn't budge. And then it happened. The whole stand of shoes came down. Shoes everywhere.  I have never been so embarrassed I don't think. It is a bit of a blur as I think I blocked it from my mind!! But I seem to remember someone coming to move the stand & me mumbling apologies before scooting off!!

I am going to list some of the stories people have shared with me...so enjoy!

"When my daughter sat on my knee, took control & ran someone over!"

"One of the funniest days in my old job was when a lady lost control of her scooter & drove through a BBQ/summer food display. Jars smashed all over the place, plates & glasses went flying. Made sitting at a pay point a lot more fun that day!"

"My friend tipped me off a bus ramp once. Another friend lost control on a slope & I nearly ended up in The Thames. I actually had to cling onto a lampost to escape the water, passers by helped lift me out!"

"Every time I take my 2 year old nephew to play group, I have to give him & half his class a ride round the hall! It's beautiful how innocent they are that they think a mobility scooter is a fun type of pram!"

"I've got an old USA (Minnesota) number plate on mine, gets some funny looks!"

"My friend & I nearly got kicked out of Chester Zoo for racing scooters & giving backies!"

"I was reduced to 3 wheels once & had to call my dad to drive us home. Started singing '3 wheels on my wagon & I'm not going along'!"

"There was the time mine got stuck in deep gravel & my cousin had to pull me out. Embarrassing but funny!"

"I once got stuck in the mud in front of LOTS of people, none of whom offered to help. I got my revenge on them when I sprayed them all with wet mud once my wheels got a bit of momentum!

I also once knocked over a mountain of toilet papers that were stacked in a perfect pyramid on display.  They all came tumbling down in front of me.  It was their own fault for not giving me enough access in their aisles!"

Hope this has given you a giggle.  Feel free to share your own stories in the comments, I do love a good laugh! xx


  1. Great post, and lovely to dedicate to Allan who had such a delicious sense of humour.

    As for scooter stories - I once got a blanket I was carrying wrapped round the controls. The scooter shot off down a narrow path with a sharp right at the bottom! I think I was on two wheels going around it before disentangling the blanket and stopping to catch my breath. So much for pacing by keeping heart rate low!

    1. Thanks Sally he would have laughed at/with us!

      And I am sorry to say I burst out laughing at that!!! They are dangerous really ;-) Reminds me of times I've caught clothing/scarves in mine! Haha

  2. Lots of funnies! I tried going down ramp on the bus on my own once and ended up falling off one side and clinging to the bus shelter. Everyone else was in shock I was laughing my head off. Good to know we have same embarrassing moment reaction. Just laugh. The drive of the hotel in Kos is on a steep slope and everytime my Mum took me down she would say be ready to hit the breaks I'm slipping in my flip flops. But that's another thing handsome Greek men can be useful for. He took me down another slope to room one time and this woman shouted 'is he taking her to bed?' Haha
    Oh you missed nearly hitting bollards after our 10cm 'race' haha
    Oh you gotta laugh

    1. This just cracked me up!! And yes I always laugh when I probably shouldn't :-D ...haha oh yeah our "race" & the bollards. Think I am just a danger to myself!!

  3. Haha so funny! This made me laugh. Some of the stories sound very familiar, as if they had happened to me? ;)

    1. Haha Hayley, did you have a deja-vu moment? ;-)


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