Having a break from the norm

I am not upto writing too much today as we have been away for a few days & I am suffering big time! The joys of payback...

We went the seaside overnight to a place called St Annes which is next to Blackpool. It was nice having a change of scenery & a bit of fun.  I knew I would feel rubbish as a result but (& I have been speaking to a few friends who also have M.E & we all agree) it is worth feeling rubbish when you've actually done something rather than feeling rubbish for no particular reason.  You expect payback & you know it will wipe you out but as I've said before if we don't ever do anything then it makes an already crap existence even more crap!

The journey wasn't too bad despite taking about an hour & 40 minutes.  My back hurts when sitting for not very long & I get really uncomfortable.  But I managed to shut my eyes as my daughter was happy with her electronic books & games on the tablet (obviously I wasn't driving!!) & I was almost nodding off.

We went down to the Pier when we got there & went in the arcades.  You can't go to the seaside & not go to the amusements! Dread to think how much money we wasted!!

We had good old fish & chips too which again is a must at the seaside!

We went back to the hotel & while I rested they went swimming.  We then chilled for a bit before going to do some children's activities.   My daughter now has an arm full of Halloween tattoos!

We had dinner in the hotel & made the most of the buffet! I don't really eat dessert at home but couldn't resist the huge chocolate cream eclair Mmmmm...such a piggy.

We went to Blackpool zoo the following day & really enjoyed it. I was complimented on my newly decorated wheelchair (blog post to follow!)  It was very wheelchair accessible & made it easy for me to get around.

The first animals we saw were a pair of giant tortoises who happened to be mating. My daughter thought it was cute that the mummy was giving the baby a cuddle!!!

They have loads of wild animals there from tigers to elephants to giraffes & it was really nice being able to get so close to them.

My favourites were the penguins but their feeding time was rudely interrupted when a seagull went to the toilet on my daughter's head & we had to go & wash it out!!

We watched a creepy crawly talk & those who know me will be shocked to find out I held both a giant snail & a giant cockroach. I bottled the cockroach at first then decided to give it a go.  I can't say I enjoyed it!  My daughter wasn't phased at all...

We stopped to see an old friend briefly on the way back who I worked with many moons ago & haven't seen for a long time so that was lovely.

Journey home was a nightmare & there must have been an accident or something as we hardly moved for ages so ended up diverting to my uncle's house in Manchester & stayed there for the evening!

I am having a couple of total rest days now so will hopefully pick up soon. After over 11 years of experiencing payback you would think it would get easier but it doesn't.

However when I think back to the "cuddling" tortoises it makes me giggle & seeing my daughter have fun makes it all worth it :-)



  1. So lovely to see more photos from your recent get away. You were brave getting that close the the creepy crawlies, I don't think I could! Hope you are recovering well x

  2. Thanks Hayley I have had a really bad week since getting back, the joys of M.E hey! And I surprised myself holding them, I decided to be brave & tackle my fear ;-) xx

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time! I hope your feeling better now, payback is such a b**** !! I remember when I was over in the UK many years ago, my husband and I went up to Blackpool and found it so strange that there was so many amusements. lol we are both Kiwi's and it's not really a thing there or in Australia (which is where we live now). Your photos look great. :)

    Lennae xxx

    1. Thanks Lennae :) that's so funny, it's a very British thing I think!! Can't beat a 2p machine though, makes me feel like a kid again!

      And yes payback is no fun, took a good 5 days of being stuck in bed totally resting for me to start picking up :/ xx


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