I am just sat (well lying down if I'm being literal) thinking about how easy it is to let your illness consume you & how difficult it is to see the positive in things when you feel so poorly so much of the time. But, I have noticed that I am being a lot more glass half full rather than glass half empty recently. I think it's because I know such good people who make me laugh or make me see things differently when I have started to let it get to me.  I know some really positive people too & looking at their stuff online, whether it is reading their blogs or looking at pictures, also seems to help.  I have got really into the wonder that is Instagram (where people just post pictures... I never knew how addictive it would be!) All I need to do is have a look at some of my favorite pages on there & I soon fall under the spell of loveliness!

When I used to go to the M.E Clinic they covered positive thinking as one of the coping mechanisms of living with M.E. They used to advise us to challenge any negative thoughts or replace them with positive ones. So for example if you find yourself thinking something like "I will never be able to go out as I feel so poorly all the time" try to replace it with something like "I don't feel well enough to go out at the moment but I will hopefully improve a bit soon & maybe be able to get out for a bit".

Being positive is very very difficult sometimes but as I've mentioned before there is a lot of support online via social media & it definitely helps to take your mind off how rubbish you feel.  Of course it doesn't take it away but it can help you forget about it for a while. My friends help me get through each day.  Whether it is just general chat or silly, totally random conversations, it seems to keep me sane! Whatsapp is a godsend too & I hardly ever send 'normal' text messages anymore.  I know I can pick up my phone & there will be someone there.

I have done a lot the last few days as a lovely friend of mine (who also has M.E) came up to see us & I am feeling really awful but it was worth it. Another nice memory for the memory box I made with my daughter at the start of the year! And surprisingly, despite feeling bleugh, I still feel quite cheerful.

PMA stands for Positive Mental Attitude.
The amount of times me & my friends have typed those 3 letters over the years makes me giggle. We sometimes say it in jest when things are so bad that it is virtually impossible to be positive! But I really do try. I think I try to cover up how I really feel a lot but what is it they (whoever they is) say..

"Everyone wants happiness, nobody wants pain.  But there can't be a rainbow without a little rain"

I'm going to leave you with some nice quotes as who doesn't love a good quote :-)

ME Mummy A


  1. I'm all for positivity! I think we all (our spoonie massiv cru) do so well at staying positive and being chipper spoonies, god knows it isn't easy!


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