6th birthday & party fun

My baby turned 6 (still can't believe it!) & we had a lovely few days celebrating. She had a joint Pop Star dance party with her cousin & we had a dance teacher who choreographed a routine for them to do. They all did so well!

She received some really lovely presents & said "it was the most wonderful party ever" so I think she was happy!!

Her birthday was the following day & I woke up much earlier than necessary before everyone else! When she woke up she was really excited & it was lots of fun seeing her open her cards & presents. We had croissants for breakfast as requested by the birthday girl!

I soon flagged so went for a sleep but we hadn't planned on doing anything anyway so she was happy playing with her new things. The rocks & fossils she has asked for also went down very well!!

Later in the afternoon my sister came round with my niece & nephew. We played a pin the tail on the unicorn game which was really funny.. I did the worst out of everyone! Then we got some pizzas & had more cake. Of course.

I usually get quite emotional around the time of my daughter's birhdays but this year I have been pretty much OK. I am feeling mega proud too that this lovely little girl belongs to me :) She is generally really good & is so caring. *proud mummy alert*

The M.E has been really bad since so I have been resting as much as possible, which is boring but necessary. I am so drained & my eyes feel constantly fatigued underneath but I expected it. If I ever get my health back I will never take it for granted again.

I am really grateful to everyone who sent birthday wishes, cards & gifts. We try not to spoil her too often but birthdays are an exception & if they can't get spoilt on their birthday then when can they!

Lots of love from me & my 6 year old!

ME Mummy A


  1. Aw looks like she had a wonderful birthday! When I was younger, I used to love Rocks, Minerals and Shells too! The Woohoo C&G looks fab on her :) ! Have a lovely Easter xxx

    1. Thanks so much Jess! I am loving the rocks too...have found some sparkly ones so they are my favourites!! And yes she rocks the C&G better than me ;-) Happy Easter xx

  2. I love the last photo, absolutely beautiful! I'm glad she had a lovely birthday:) x


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