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The beginning of each month means one thing & one thing only to me... The arrival of my Glitterati box!! It is a monthly subscription box run by Crown and Glory & it is always full of gorgeous things. I have mentioned before how much I love it & considering not that long ago I didn't really do much with my hair, I am now a fully fledged addict. And proud!

I thought I would do an unboxing post so here goes...

This month's box had a Spring/Easter theme & it was all so pretty.  It arrives in a box wrapped with silver glitter tape. This time when the postman appeared & said he had a parcel in his bag, my response was "oooh is it my glittery one?". Yes, when you are as glitter obsessed as me even the box makes you giddy!

They are always wrapped so beautifully it feels like you shouldn't rip it open, so I try to be careful! The anticipation of what's in it is overwhelming. You see tissue paper & there's always a sticker with a clue to the theme.. oooh it's just so exciting!

There is always a cute postcard listing the contents with the RRP of each item but I never read this until afterwards as it just spoils the surprise otherwise. The value of every box is at least £50 so for £20 it's a bargain.

So in the April box there were the following things..

Chiffon tie headscarf RRP £15

Glitter bunny ears RRP £10

Metallic vegan leather bunny ears RRP £5

Daisy bobby pin set RRP £5

Not a lotta Rosie headband RRP £15

With it being an Easter themed box there was also an extra surprise of an egg containing treats such as sweeties & discount codes. Some people were lucky enough to receive a shiny egg containing extra presents like jewellery or makeup but I was chuffed with my purple egg! Or I should say a certain little girl was...

What I really like about The Glitterati, as well as receiving pretty goodies in the post & meeting a load of fab ladies, is that I get things I would never have chosen myself but when I try them, I love them. My collection is mighty impressive & I have a lot of stuff on show as it's too pretty to hide away!

My little girl usually manages to get a few things out of it too so she has her own stash now!! She said the other day that she wished she was part of the "glitter group". And by that she meant the secret Facebook group that you get access to once you join The Glitterati. It has become a proper glitter-loving community & it's brilliant. People chat & share pictures but there is also a group where you can swap items you don't like or would prefer in a different colour. What my daughter doesn't seem to realise is that she is pretty much a member already!

If anyone likes hair accessories (or even doesn't realise they do yet, like I was!) or likes glitter, flowers & pretty things then The Glitterati is the place to be. You also get a special birthday crown & mine is next month so I am excited to see what I get.

A link to all the information about it is here .

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think of the box!

ME Mummy A


  1. This just has Ali written all over it! Adorable photo of you both too! x

    1. Thanks Hayley!! It's one of my favourite times of each month for sure :)

  2. Got to love some Crown & Glory!! This month's box was certainly fabulous. I always enjoy seeing what everyone else gets too :)

    1. Thanks Donna, it was gorgeous wasn't it :) roll on May haha xx

    2. Thanks Donna, it was gorgeous wasn't it :) roll on May haha xx


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