Fundraising towards finding a cure for M.E

Once upon a time I wasn't ill. I had a good job & a great social life. The end! And if I could write my story now it would be a fairytale with a happy ending. However, living with M.E changes everything.

Over 12 years of suffering with this incurable chronic illness means I am somewhat of an expert but you wouldn't think so if you saw me on the days when I am crying & saying how I can't cope with it anymore. No matter how long it goes on it never gets easier. Ever. It probably gets worse as the light at the end of the tunnel gets further & further away.

Every year I am still ill makes me feel a little less optimistic about ever getting better. However I can't lose hope. And the more research that takes place, the closer they are to finding a cure. Which is why on 12th May, M.E Awareness day, a group of us sufferers are taking part in a fundraising event. We have come together to form Team Princess - see my previous post here about it.

We are all raising money for different M.E charities & I have chosen to support ME Research UK. Research is vital towards finding a cure & without funding it won't happen. So I am trying to raise as much money as possible. As I write this, I have exceeded £200 & I am very grateful to everyone who has donated so far.

With less than 3 weeks to go until the event I would love to massively exceed that amount & I cannot do that without the support of people. People who know me or may know someone who suffers from M.E & knows the devastating effects of the illness. People who know how difficult it is for me being a mummy with M.E. People who know how I used to be before I got ill & how much my life changed as a result. People who want to help make a difference. To help support a great charity & give people like me a chance of a cure being found.

It is my birthday a few days before Awareness day & I always get emotional around then as it feels like another year has passed that I am still poorly. But I am going to stay positive & hope that I can manage to do a little bit of something on the day. If you fancy donating in lieu of a birthday card & some cake then I would appreciate it lots!

My JustGiving page is at www.justgiving.com/princessali or you can text AMLC99 £1, £3, £5, £10 etc to 70070.

On the day we are holding an auction on our Facebook page here. Some of the crafty members of Team Princess are making stuff & I will be making some bracelets. Any money raised I will be donating to Smile for ME, which is a brilliant charity who send sufferers gifts when they have been nominated by family or friends.

Thank you so much for reading & for your support.

ME Mummy A

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  1. Will try and make some stuff too. Have some cards that can be auctioned.


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