A funny old week and the Tooth Fairy!

What a week it has been. I am writing this on Saturday afternoon & the same time last week was a very different story. I must have caught a sickness bug as I was up from 4am throwing up and it carried on through until almost midnight on & off.  I can't remember the last time I was so poorly. Of course once the sickness eventually stopped, it totally wiped me out.  Normal sickness on top of M.E is bad. Very bad! However a week later & I am feeling back to my "normal" so I'm just glad to have seen the back of it.

On Wednesday something exciting happened. My little girl lost her first tooth! It had been wobbly for around 5 weeks but the last few days it had got a lot more so. She was eating lots of apples to try to get it out but to no avail so off she went to school. She went to play at her friend's house after & I sent my friend a message jokingly asking if the tooth was still there, expecting her to to say yes, but she said no!!! It had come out at school... oh the excitement!

When I collected her she was very keen to show me the tooth & the gap! This photo cracks me up....

When we got home she wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy, who's arrival had been very much anticipated for a while! She was so excited about it & couldn't wait to find out her name. I still have some of my Tooth Fairy letters from when I lost my first teeth so she wanted to see if hers would be the same or not!

When she woke up the next day she was super giddy.  The fairy had been & left not only a letter & a £2 coin under her pillow, but she had left a fairy door on the wall!! My girlie had been telling me earlier in the week about a tree at her cousin's school that has fairy doors attached & it means the fairies live there so she was very happy about having one in her bedroom!

She looks so cute with her little gap & the tooth next to it is a bit wobbly too now so that will be next...

She has moved up to the next group in her swimming lessons & I've not been for ages so I went today.  I couldn't believe how well she could swim, totally puts me to shame! Afterwards we decided to pop to a place nearby called Harewood House as we have membership so can quickly go there without having to pay crazy amounts on the door!

There are loads of trees there & they look gorgeous at this time of year.  It's not ideal with the wheelchair but we collected some conkers & the fresh air did me good after being cooped up poorly for a week.  We didn't stay long but it was nice spending some time with my girl.

I do love Autumn so hopefully will get more chance to be out admiring the pretty leaves & spending a bit more time with my girlie. Today has been a good day (despite being shattered now but I'll take it!).



  1. Oh that first photo!!!! <3 So pleased your sickness bug has gone now. Poor thing.

  2. This is such a lovely post!

    Caroline xo


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