Do you ever look around at all the things you have or the things you can do and feel truly grateful or do you not give it a second thought? Perhaps once you are faced with a situation you have no control over, when you have the things you always took for granted taken away, then you realise how lucky you are. Or were.

Having a chronic illness changed me in some ways. I don't think I realised how lucky I was before I got poorly. All the little things that you take for granted. Every day things. Stuff that you would never give a second thought to until you can no longer do it. Getting up in the morning and feeling ready to face the day after a splash of water on your face. Popping out to the shop for a chocolate bar. Running for a bus (as annoying as it was at the time). Just having the ability to do those things is pretty huge.

Along with all the little things, there are some pretty big things too which I would never in a million years have imagined I wouldn't be able to do. Being able to walk was something I would have never thought would be taken away from me. I was so independent & suddenly I couldn't do it without suffering severe pain or feeling as though I would collapse. There are lots of things I am unable to do anymore but it's made me super grateful for the things I can do or that I have.

Little things become big things when you're ill. I have talked about this before but it's so true. Your world gets smaller & everyone else just carries on living while you are stuck in a ball of existence. Your days are long. Your pain and fatigue is persistent. So little things really do make a huge difference.

Fresh flowers, sunshine, laughter.

Getting a nice message from someone or a card in the post can literally make your day. Knowing someone has thought of you is something to be very grateful for. I have a scrapbook which my friend Sian got me for Christmas & it is full of little things that have made me smile. Letters, cards, notes and just "stuff". I sometimes look through it when I need to smile. It works!

I am so grateful, possibly more than anything, for my gorgeous girl. She makes me smile every day and I would be pretty lost without her. She gives me purpose. She gives amazing cuddles. She sings me songs. She draws me pictures. She reads to me when I'm not well enough to. She makes me feel lucky for being her mum.

I am grateful that I have comfortable places to rest. For my electric heatpad, which is never off me! For having food when I need it. I bought some stuff for the local Foodbank this week & I wish more people would do it as there are people who can't even afford a pint of milk. In this day and age it's shocking.

So look around you and think of all the stuff you have. The stuff you can do. Feel truly grateful for it. So many people don't have those things. Health and happiness should be something everybody has but they don't. Life can be so cruel & it's very unfair. Hug those close to you, spare a thought for others less fortunate than you and just appreciate :-)



  1. Awww this is a beautiful post and so true. All the little things are the big things when your ill and they seem so much more precious. I hope your going well, sending lots of love you way.

    Lennae xxx

    1. Thanks Lennae x it really does make everything so much more precious doesn't it. Lots of love xx


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