38 things about me for my 38th birthday!

Yes it really is true, I am turning 38 at the beginning of May. However much I try to deny it, it is happening. Booo!

People who don't know my age usually guess at late 20's and that will do me just fine! I certainly don't feel (or act!!) my age. I did a previous blog post where I mentioned it here.

So as it's nearly my 38th birthday I thought why not tell you 38 random things about me which you may or may not already know. In no particular order let's go.....

1. I was a lawyer before M.E struck and I had to stop working

2. I have 2 middle names

3. Hardly anyone calls me by my full name and I usually get Ali or Al. Or Sparkle!

4. I used to be really really shy when I was little and people never believe me when I tell them

5. Peanut butter with jam is one of my favourite things to have on toast

6. I prefer savoury to sweet food

7. When I was little my sister pushed me into a lake and I had to walk round the rest of the place in just a Fat Willys Surf Shack t-shirt because my jeans were soaked. I  have never forgiven her

8. I love marmite

9. Glitter makes me smile lots (like you didn't already know that!)

10. I don't like boats or bridges

11. I love the sun and would like to live abroad

12. People always think I am Spanish or Italian, especially when I have a tan

13. I used to bite my nails really badly and only grew them when I was about 24

14. The sound of rain relaxes me

15. The sound of cutlery scraping on a plate makes me cringe

16. Having no fringe doesn't suit me!

17. I was a huge New Kids on the Block fan and went to 3 of their concerts. My mum came to one once and was the only one who wasn't screaming! It was at an ice rink too so was freezing. Sorry mum!

18. I had my tonsils out when I was 21

19. I don't think there is any such thing as having too much jewellery

20. Keith Lemon is my idol (not really but I'm a huge fan as you probably know already). I was lucky enough to meet him privately before one of his book signings due to not being able to queue for long because of my health. We chatted about glittery jackets and took a selfie!

21. I hate spiders

22. I have to use a wheelchair because of my M.E but I blinged it up and it looks super cool

23. One of my favourite sounds is my little girl's laugh

24. I was meant to be in a TV advert when I was about 5 but I was the only child who wouldn't stop crying so they had to pull me out

25. I did some modelling for a series of childrens' books about ballet called Scrambled Legs. I was mortified about having to wear a leotard

26. I didn't get another job after the leotard one!!

27. People who make me laugh are my favourite kind

28. I love my friends and family to bits and would be a bit lost without them

29. It makes me sad not being able to do lots of things because of my health but I'm doing well at looking at the positive rather than the negative

30. Acting silly with my daughter makes me happy. She says she likes that I'm not a boring mummy!

31. Cheese and onion Walkers crisps are my absolute favourite flavour

32. I prefer drinking from plastic cups (adorned with unicorns and such things) rather than drinking from glasses

33. I sometimes daydream about going on an American roadtrip on an old blue vintage scooter

34. I always have really vivid dreams and I sleeptalk

35. I love watching people do streetdance.

36. I'm short sighted and have astigmatism so everything is a bit blurry without my glasses

37. I love doing random acts of kindness.

38. I am fundraising for a charity called Smile for ME as part of my annual M.E fundraiser and you can donate via this link (cheeky plug!). If you fancy buying me a virtual drink for my birthday you could donate a few pounds instead and I'd be mega grateful. My previous blog post has all the information.

Thank you for making it to the end :-) Hope you enjoyed it and if anyone wants to send me glitter covered cheese and onion Walkers I'd be ever so happy!!



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