Crown and Glory Glitterati unboxing April 2016

The latest installment of the Crown and Glory  Glitterati box was an extremely fun and colourful circus themed box. I really don't know how Sophie and Gareth come up with so many unique ideas each month!

The contents of the box (adorned with confetti because who doesn't love the stuff) were..

Polka dot bow headband
RRP  £15

Stripe wired headband 
RRP £15

Carousel horse hair clip
RRP  £10

Glitter lolly hairclip 
RRP  £5

Popcorn bobby pin pair 
RRP  £5

So much cute stuff and I'm currently using the carousel horse (which I see as a unicorn!) as decor on my wall. I sometimes do that with my Crown & Glory stuff as it's too nice to not be on show!

I also got a mention in the zine (thanks Sophie) for my annual fundraiser for M.E Awareness day on 12th May. I'm currently working on a post with all the information so watch this space..


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