Be kind!

You always find out who is there for you when life throws a curve ball at you.  It seems to take bad stuff happening to show you who really cares.  I'm not just talking about things regarding me and mine, but I've seen it so much in other situations recently too.  Life can be so tough but it's the people around us who can make a difference.

I know I've blogged before about random acts of kindness but it really doesn't take much to be kind; to spare a thought for others, to take time to ask how people are and if they're not OK, to be there for them. Whether it is just for a few kind words, a shoulder to cry on or physically being there in some way.  Hugs help a lot!  Doing random acts of kindness is such a brilliant thing which everyone could (and should do).  One of my previous posts is here.

I have found myself thinking a lot lately that I wish I had a magic wand to take all the rubbish away for so many people.  It makes me so sad seeing people suffer for whatever reason but I know I can't do anything other than just let them know I'm here.  Having people there for me too when I've needed it really does help.

I have also been thinking lately about people who are suffering for other reasons and it prompted me to do another collection for our local food bank.  We sometimes take stuff anyway but I thought it would be nice to try and get a bigger box together, especially with the festive season approaching.  Stuff like mince pies and some chocolate treats would make such a massive difference to families and those with children too would be so grateful.

It makes me so sad to think of people who can't afford the very basics. And isn't the festive season all about giving?! I made a few pleas for help on social media but other than a few friends who are donating things, I have had no response!!  I know people may already be doing similar and I know people get sick of seeing charity requests and the like too, but I thought something like giving a few tins or some cartons of juice might be an easy one to help with. It really makes me so sad (and mad) but I should try not to let it dishearten me!!

Something else that upset me recently too was seeing a friend of a friend appealing for help from people to sign up to the bone marrow register as his daughter's leaukamia had returned and she is in need of a bone marrow transplant to save her life.  He had previously done another post on Facebook to try and reunite a Pandora bracelet he had found with it's owner after finding it at a shopping centre.  That post had been shared 7100 times in under 24 hours.  The post requesting help regarding the bone marrow register was shared 173 times.  I hope they don't mind me putting this here but if you wanted to sign up to register for the bone marrow register you can do here or here.

It just sadly seems that in this day and age unless stuff affects people, they don't often seem to care.  I've experienced it myself when fundraising for charities close to my heart, when people I thought would support me never did.  Yet stupid, meaningless stuff is shared daily.  Something is wrong somewhere but hey ho, such is life!

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Those who continue to be there for me (and others), thank you :-)


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