My girl is 8!

I didn't realise it was so long since I had posted, so apologies for that! I've either been having too much fun or my head hasn't been in the game.  I'd like to say it's the former but unfortunately not!!  So here I (finally) am and quite a lot of stuff has happened over the last month so I'll talk about my favourite thing.. my little Miss' 8th birthday!  I say it every year but where on earth does the time go?  I'm so proud of the kind, thoughtful and hilariously funny girl she's turned into.

She had a cupcake decorating party the week before her birthday, which happened to be Mother's day too. It was at our favourite vintage café with our favourite cake lady (thanks Becks!) and they all seemed to enjoy it.

I had forgotten how much noise a group of girls make too!!  They seemed so grown up which I guess, at 8, they are! Little ladies :-)

Her actual birthday was on a school day and she had Brownies that evening too, but we managed to make time for opening presents and cake of course!

It just doesn't seem 8 years since she was born.  She gets funnier all the time.  She always has an answer to everything and has a knack for one liners.  Last week when I told her she needed to sort her bedroom out, her response within about two seconds was "no offence but you need to sort yours out"!!  I just burst out laughing and I really do struggle sometimes to keep a straight face with the stuff she says.

I am one proud mummy and I love her to absolute bits.  She makes me smile, she makes my heart happy and I'm very glad she's mine.


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