Pregnancy & ME

After a bit of a struggle getting there I became pregnant. I found out in July 2008 & was overjoyed. Frightened too. Petrified, in fact, but happy & excited more than anything. I felt like I would have a purpose again after being ill for so long & having had to miss out on most of the things I had enjoyed before.

Pregnancy is a funny one as you are so aware that until you have your healthy baby in your arms that anything can happen. Every slight pain freaks you out & the sheer panic you experience is horrible. 

I went for the first scan convinced I was 12 weeks pregnant & they said I was 10 weeks plus 5 days & I was gutted as I thought at least at 12 weeks it's classed as "safe". This however isn't really true as anything can happen at any time.

I suffered from really bad nausea around this time & although I wasn't actually sick, I couldn't eat anything. I could only stomach having fruit but it 100% had to be from the fridge!

My ME symptoms though weren't as bad. I was surprised I'd not felt worse as people always say they have the most horrendous tiredness during the first trimester.  Guess that's when having had ME for so long is an advantage!

Next was the dating scan at 20 weeks. I was convinced it was a boy. The time waiting for them to do the checks is horrendous as they don't talk to you for ages & I thought something was wrong. But everything was fine. And then she asked if we wanted to find out the sex. We did because it meant we could plan a lot better & my niece was going to be 1 when the baby was born so we'd have a load of stuff of it was a girl.

I asked if my mum & sister could also come in the room to find out. Then we heard "you're having a girl". Cue the tears!

I had bump pictures taken each week & really loved feeling my baby move. She used to always have hiccups too!

I loved being pregnant & loved my bump. Felt very lucky & the only scary thing was not knowing what would happen once she arrived...


  1. Gorgeous photo of you and your bump! Being pregnant is hard enough, but being pregnant with an existing illness must be so difficult and scary!

  2. Thank you :-) very scary & going to talk about it more on my next post x


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