Welcome to my world!

So this is me delving into the big wide world of blogging!

My life in a nutshell is I've been living with the not so lovely condition ME for the last 11 years. It completely changed my life. I used to be a lawyer & worked my socks off to qualify so to have it taken away from me was difficult to say the least.

I pushed myself to keep working & that was the worst decision I made as it caused me to become severely affected & was housebound for a year afterwards.

Fast forward 11 years & I am still severely affected but I now have a beautiful nearly 5 year old girl who is my world.

So I hope to share my experiences & also try to make people smile as I can be rather silly too. A lot!

Mummy A xx


  1. Welcome to the blogging world Mummy A!

  2. Hope you enjoy blogging. I'm sure people will enjoy reading it.

  3. I've always wanted to know how parents cope with ME - looking forward to getting stuck into your blog!

    Meg | meg-says.com

  4. Thanks Meg it isn't easy ;-) but brings a whole load of love & makes me feel like I have a purpose! X


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