Wow I'm a mummy!

I wasn't too amused that I'd been having (albeit very mild) contractions for two weeks prior to my due date, but then on the actual date not so much of a hint of anything happened. But nothing surprises me with my dodgy body so didn't think too much of it!

That night I had no pain but I felt really unsettled all night. Can't really describe how I felt, just really weird.  Think I eventually fell asleep in the early hours for a bit then woke at 7am with tummy ache.  The sort of tummy ache where you have to run to the loo.  And I still didn't think anything of it.

I rang my mum who was starting a new job that morning & told her I was having pains but didn't think it was anything.  Because of course, I'd been having pains for two weeks & nothing had happened!

After about half an hour I realised the pains were pretty intense & started timing them. Every three minutes....erm "pehaps time to wake the hubby up" I thought. So I did & the pains kept coming very strong.  Me being me still wasn't sure it was labour but I rang the hospital to have a word with them. I remember laughing & saying "oh its probably nothing" & they said they were getting pretty full so if I did need to go down I better make it sooner rather than later.

The pains were lasting a minute & coming every three. The realisation that I was in fact in labour suddenly seemed to hit me. But (as some would say!) being slightly crazy, I started putting make up on!! Why, i don't really know! Think I remember thinking that my sister & most of my friends had been in labour for days with their first babies so I assumed I would be the same. And I wanted to look nice for all those hours stuck at hospital perhaps! Definitely crazy.

I had bought a Tens machine to use for labour.  You can get normal ones for pain which I have now, but can also get specific labour ones. And now was the time for it. It definitely helped with the pain which was becoming more intense. I vaguely remember speaking to the hospital again & saying we were on the way.  That car journey was probably the most horrific one ever.  I was in such agony & every bump we went over made things even worse.

The next bit was quite a blur as the pain was so bad.  We got to the Maternity Assessment & they were full so kept me waiting.  There were no cubicles for me & I was on the floor on my hands & knees in pain.  At this point the contractions were every minute lasting a minute. Yet they didn't seem to realise how bad it was. At one point I was shouting out & swearing that they better hurry up & see me!  I was eventually taken into a room & hooked up to the monitor.  Panic set in & I freaked out a bit thinking what if I was only 1 or 2cm dilated & they were going to send me home. Then I heard "you're 7cm". No way! 7 freaking cm dilated.

Time to get me onto Delivery Suite. Quickly. Thankfully there was one room left. If not I would have had to go to another hospital, but the other one in the city was also full so it would have been miles away.  Phone call to my mum, who was my other birth partner, to say I was 7cm & she better get there quickly.  It was 11am & she had only been at her new job a few hours ooops!

I suddenly started panicking again & saying that I needed an epidural as I had ME & didn't have much energy. I started thinking "how am I going to get through the worst bit?" which also meant more pain!  The midwife was lovely & had already seen about me having ME in the notes.  She told me I had done amazingly well so far & that she couldn't believe how calm I was & able to chat to her & laugh while 7cm dilated. Other midwives came in to see me as word had got out about how well I was doing..very bizarre!

I had gas & air next which I didn't like at first but then got used to. It really helped take the edge off each contraction. I spoke to my sister & friend while I was on it (or off it I should probably say!). Don't think I made much sense.  Tens machine was on full whack by then.  I remember my mum saying that I could swear or scream if I wanted but I had been so calm & just breathed through every contraction. I surprised myself (& everyone who knows me) as I expected to be a mass of hysteria like you see on the tv!

It wasn't long until I got the urge to push but the midwife didn't want to check me as it wasnt long since she had done & I had still been 7cm.  But I insisted & yep it was time. I was fully dilated. Eeeeek.

Next freak out time!  Gas & air was taken off me (noooooo) & Tens machine stopped. It was time to push which meant just me to do all the work. My poor hubby & mum were lucky to have any fingers left as I squeezed them so hard! And then I demanded an epidural.  "I need one" I said. "I can't do this".

Of course it was too late for that, my baby was nearly here.  And then I did it.  I actually did it.  3.33pm. My baby was here & put into my arms.  "I'm a mummy" ♡


  1. Congratulations... and what a cutie! xx

  2. Thanks Sally. Can't believe it was nearly 5 years ago! That was her first photo :)


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