Fundraiser done, proud!

It's six days since we did our fabulous fundraiser.  Six days since M.E Awareness Day.  It has taken until now for me to recover & get back to what I class as normal for me!

The morning of the event I felt rough. Hadn't slept great (just for a change!) & I could have done with going back to sleep. But that was not an option!!  I got myself ready & transformed into a Princess....

It's crazy how when you have M.E it takes it out of you just doing the simplest of things. All I had done was get dressed, put some make up on & donned my wig which probably took the longest ;-) yet I was shattered. What a good job we were raising money from our sickbeds & not having to go out!  I tried to rest but was very involved in online interaction which took it out of me too.

I had already raised a few hundred pounds which was amazing, but I started getting notifications of more money being donated. I was slightly overwhelmed & felt very emotional.

Seeing my fellow Team Princesses looking beautiful (especially
Princess Allan who had gone all out in his efforts!) made me so proud.  Here we were, poorly people doing our bit to raise as much money & awareness for this nasty condition we have been made to live with.

As the day went on I became more & more exhausted.  You can tell with my eyes the worse I get as they go really dark & I go a lovely greyish colour!

But I had my mini Team Princess mascot coming home from school to dress up with me.  She was really excited & I got all emotional all over again.  For about the 57th time that day!

I had some really touching messages & comments on my JustGiving page.  The following are just a few.

"Just want to say what a fantastic thing you're doing & I have learnt so much from reading your blogs".

"I had heard of M.E but didn't really know much about it. Your blogs move me to tears".

"I never knew you had it & I was so uneducated on M.E.  You're doing something amazing by making people aware".

"Fantastic work. You have increased awareness & raised money for a worthy cause".

People's generosity & kindness was unbelievable. By late afternoon I was absolutely wrecked & had to call it a day.  I had a soak in the bath & went to bed! When I woke up the next day I had managed to raise a staggering £640!! And as I write this we have as a team raised over £4000! So so proud I can't even explain.

We hope it helps towards finding a cure.   To live with M.E is like living with a constant hell around you.  It ruins lives.  It ruins us.

I would like to thank every single person who has donated, liked or shared Facebook & Twitter posts & people who have read & shared my blog.  It means so much to me.  I feel like I am helping a tiny bit in helping people understand.

Lots of love
ME Mummy A xx


  1. A huge huge well done! I'm so impressed both at your ability to raise so much money whilst being unwell and at the generosity and kindness of strangers. Hope you're fully recovered now and feeling very proud of your brilliant achievement. You should be! (feeling proud that is...)


  2. Thank you so much. I am feeling proud, still can't believe how well we've done! :-)


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