Happy when skies are grey

My daughter makes me feel proud. Proud of myself for what I have achieved & proud of her for the person she is.  She's definitely no angel & is a typical (5 year old) girl who loves a tantrum!  But, she's my little superstar.  She's my world.  She makes me happy when skies are grey.  Our song is You Are My Sunshine & we sing it together on an evening before she goes to sleep.  We have a funny little bit we do together at one point, it makes it all the more special.

Being a mummy is so rewarding.  It is really tough too especially with chronic illness. M.E makes everything so much more difficult but I cannot imagine life without her.  She understands I'm poorly & helps me with little things that children shouldn't really have to do but it's all she's really known.  Yesterday she helped me get in the shower "so you don't fall mummy" she said.
This morning she took an empty bowl from the side of my bed downstairs for me, not sure if she was after something ;-) but it was very sweet.

On days when I feel like absolute rubbish & don't think I will be able to crack a smile, she will just give me a cuddle or pull one of her crazy faces! She has a way of making me laugh & without her I don't know what I'd do sometimes. She rubs my legs too when they are bad...can't complain at that!

I was talking to her today about me not being able to take her lots of places & saying how we have fun though at home playing games & doing crafts & stuff.  She said that was her favourite thing to do.  Love her so much.

I haven't seen her much today & miss her loads.  She's staying at her grandparents so we didn't get chance to sing our song.  We will just sing it twice tomorrow & I'll make sure I get extra cuddles :-)

ME Mummy A


  1. I'm not suprised she makes you proud, she is beautiful, just like her mummy!

  2. Aaaw thanks Hayley..making me well up :) xx


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