Sunny days

I wasn't sure what to write about this week. With the M.E I constantly feel rubbish so sometimes it's difficult to think past that or write about stuff that doesn't come across as depressing!

It has rained all week which is never good, but today we have beautiful sunshine.  It is around 23 degrees which for the UK is pretty HOT!

I know a lot of people with M.E find the sun makes them feel worse but for me personally it makes me feel much better.  It also helps my muscle pain so the more the better!  I would move abroad in a shot if I could.  I love the sun on my face & always seem to feel more energised despite it being draining too..if that makes sense!  I think when I see sunshine, it automatically makes me feel brighter & want to get up & go outside.

Having a child when we have good weather is lovely too.  Easier entertaining them, while sitting watching!  My daughter will happily play in the garden on her slide or kick a ball around for ages. She will make her own games up & last year I remember she made a snake up from pegs then said it was a catwalk & proceeded to walk around it like a model, only stopping to pose!

Today we went out for lunch.  We are lucky to have some lovely local places & ended up at one of our favourites.  She had an ice cream after, obviously it was the largest possible one & mainly went all over her face!

We came home & she wanted to go in her her paddling pool but instead we got the sprinkler out.  She had so much fun running through it, declaring it was the best day ever!

I love being able to chill on my lounger, watching my gorgeous girl & listening to her giggling.  I love music & for me, sun & music is a perfect combination.  I have to make sure I still go & rest regularly but I honestly would change the weather to this every day if I could.

Sunny days = happy days.
And fun memories :)

How do other M.E sufferers find the sun ?

ME Mummy A xx


  1. I'm the same, the sun. Akes me feel much better! It helps pain amd also makes me feel more cheerful, I can sit in the garden for a bit rather than being stuck inside feeling miserable all day. Glad you girls had a good weekend :)


  2. Should say 'makes' and 'and' I'm rubbish at typing today!

  3. Aw hope you've managed some time out in it :) I love it! I am contemplating how I can move to Spain ;-) xx


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