I have never really been one for having a hobby.  Before I got ill I used to go to the gym 3 times a week but never had any hobbies as such.  I never thought I was creative, if you'd seen my self portrait I did in school you would see why!

However when my daughter was starting school last year I wanted to find something to do for when I felt upto it.

I tried a few things, adding crystals to stuff was one of them but I was no good at it. Then my sister was having her second baby & I decided to make her a bracelet for her baby shower with various baby related charms on, so I ordered some stuff.   Being a total novice I didn't know where to get things from or how much I should be paying but I got some stuff & made my first ever bracelet!

My sister loved it & I loved that she did.
Maybe it would be something I could do, I thought!  So I embarked on a bead buying venture! My friend had bought me a large storage box for when I was experimenting with crystals so I put the beads in there!

I started making stuff for friends & family & using them as my guinea pigs!  As I started making more I realised how much I enjoyed doing it.  And also how despite being in pain or feeling exhausted I could manage to do a tiny bit as it almost took my mind off my symptoms.

Since I first started I now have to make my bracelets symmetrical!  I look back at ones from the start & it makes me cringe ;-)  I have a large case full of various storage boxes full of supplies.  I happily sit for ages surrounded by my sparklies!

I have made loads of stuff for family & friends & often send things to people to cheer them up. Sometimes people I don't really know who I have seen online having a rough time, I will make stuff for.
Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK's) make me happy :-)

My little girl loves sitting with me & looking at it all.  Suffice to say she has lots & lots of bracelets that I've made her!  The latest craze is the Disney film Frozen so I've been making lots of those themed ones for her & her friends!

This illness takes so much away from us so if we can find something that we enjoy then we need to grab on to it!  When I'm feeling rubbish & my M.E symptoms are annoying me I just get all my stuff out & try focus on that for a while.  In fact I will no doubt be sitting in a sea of beads while you are reading this...


  1. It's good to have some easy (I use the word easy lightly) hobbies that we can do to pass the long and boring days! A lot of 'us' you know.. The spoonie crew, seem to enjoy making jewlez (said with a z because I'm so artsy) I bet it's great to do something you and little one can enjoy together too :)

    Have a good weekend lovely lady!

    1. Just seen your comment Hayley! Loving Jewlez, innit ;-) and yes a lot of us do seem to enjoy being crafty. Helps us not feel totally useless I think! Xx


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