It seems so poignant that I am writing this post now.  I had already planned to do it about friendships but as I write, my heart is aching for a friend who tragically lost her husband 2 days ago.  She is heavily pregnant with her 2nd baby & I am hurting for her so much. I am dedicating this post to her & her boys.

The last few days has proved how important friendships are.  So many people have come together in support for her & my own friends have been there for me too, providing support when I have really needed it.

I have been thinking a lot recently about how much my friends mean to me.  Some I've known for a long time since being tiny & have literally grown up with.  Some of my close friends with M.E I met online years ago on M.E forums.  I have other friends I met online via forums before I had my daughter, who I've known a long time despite some having never met in person. Some are fairly recent friends who I met when my daughter started school.  Some I met on Twitter not that long ago, the M.E community on there is fantastic.  Some are people I know from school or work.  Of course I have my family too who I am lucky to also call my friends.

One thing I know is if I need them, they are there.  I have some friends who make me laugh even when I don't think it is possible to. Some friends make me see sense when I am trying to push myself with the M.E or have mummy guilt about not being able to do stuff & they become my sensible head. Some friends I talk to about the most random crazy stuff!  Some, I know when I am feeling particularly bad with the M.E, I can talk to & they just understand.  I also have normal conversations with them too! Although they can quickly turn silly :)
I don't often speak to people on the phone as my concentration is poor & I get fatigued very quickly so instant messaging & my phone is my lifeline in a way.

Having online friends is a huge help too when you have chronic illness.  Whether you feel happy, sad, silly or you're not even sure how you feel then through social media you can pick your phone up & just know someone will be there.

I have got through some of my darkest days with support from my friends.  They have been there to provide shoulders to cry on, made me see positive in negative. They do little things that mean so much like sending cards or gifts.  Or just sending lovely messages or pictures can sometimes be all it takes.

I know some people don't have many friends & I feel very lucky that I have mine. To all of you who I count as my friends, thank you xx


  1. I'm lucky to have you as a friend, Alison! <3

  2. Thanks Hayley back atcha :-) ♡ xx

  3. Beautifully said. x

  4. love you my special friend love donna xx

    1. Aw love you too. So many memories over so many years ♡ xx

    2. soo many funny memories :-) xx

    3. Some of my funniest :-) xx

  5. ps you are such a good friend ... we are soo lucky to have you love donna xx

  6. Gorgeous post! Love the words AND the photo quotes. Chronic illness can be tough on friendships, but the ones that stand that test are worth their weight in gold. And the online community is such a blessing, esp Twitter from my experience. Thanks for a great summary of friendship & ME. I related to it a lot! :-)


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