Holiday time...

Quick post as tomorrow I go on holiday. Feeling absolutely wiped out, had so much to do this week & didn't realise how much stuff I would have to pack.  Clothes were easy, it was all the accessories that women (or this woman!) need.  Make up, jewellery, hair stuff, meds, nail polish bla bla bla!

Plus my little girl also seems to have loads of stuff to bring, wonder where she gets that from ;-)

I have wheelchair assistance booked for the airports & have always found it brilliant before so hoping the same will happen this time.  I only use the wheelchair for the airport as I hire a mobility scooter when we get there.  Beware of me people of Majorca is all I can say!

I am really not looking forward to travelling, any sort of travelling totally wipes me out & by the time we've checked in I am usually ready to lie down!! Planes aren't the most comfortable of things either. I have my heat pads to stick on my back, eye mask, ear plugs for when the noise drives me mad & lots of snacks.  I have been struggling with low blood sugar this week & been having dizzy spells so need to remember to eat!  Then we have the transfer to resort, but have to wait for everyone else to land & get on the coach, before eventually arriving at our hotel. Think I've just put myself off going!!

But once we're there & wake up to beautiful sunshine, unlimited food & drinks & not needing to do much at all then I know I will relax & hopefully get nice & brown in the process!  We are going to the same hotel as the last 2 years as it's really good for accessibilty, entertainment & food.  It is a few minutes from the beach too, which has wooden platforms with a covered area so I can get on really easily & park up!

My friend has done some brilliant blog posts about travelling with chronic illness here & I have used some of her tips. Who would have thought pill boxes made perfect storage for jewellery when travelling?

Anyway time to sleep now.  See you when I'm back! :-)


  1. HAVE AN AMAZING TIME!!! Good luck with the travelling, send me a postcard haha, sleep well xxx

  2. Have a really lovely holiday! The travelling will be worth it once you get there :) xxx


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