Holiday! Travelling with a chronic illness/M.E

It's been almost 2 weeks since I got back from Majorca but I haven't felt upto writing as it took it out of me a bit so been trying to rest! I've also had a busy weekend meeting up with a lovely friend who is a fellow M.E sufferer so my body isn't too happy with me at the moment!

I was panicking a bit about the travelling as I knew it would be draining & I'd feel rough afterwards.  However, it actually wasn't as bad as I thought at all!  The staff at the airport, on check in & also wheelchair assistance, were great.  My daughter even got to send off our cases!

We flew from Leeds Bradford airport & it is only a small airport.  Despite there being mayhem the previous day due to French air traffic strikes, the flight was on time.  The wheelchair assistance at the airport is always brilliant, the staff are lovely & it's great not having to queue with everyone else - there has got to be some perks of using a wheelchair!  Wheelchair users usually board first or last but this time, as I can manage the stairs upto the plane, we went on with everyone else.  When I had checked in online with Jet2 they had given us 3 seats separately which amused me as I thought I may get a quiet flight while my daughter annoyed her daddy!! But they had changed them so we were sat together ;-)

I put my heat pads on my back & blew up the neck pillow.  I should have tested it first though as I soon found out it didn't work very well & kept deflating. That will teach me for buying it from Poundland!!  I don't like taking off & always cover my face with my pashmina, much to my daughter's amusement.  In fact her words on the flight home were "don't be a scaredy cat mummy, be a good cat"!!  Bless her.

My sister used to be cabin crew for Jet2 & her friend was the Senior on our flight so it was a nice surprise seeing him.  My daughter was so good, she kept occupied with a 'colour your own' pencil case I had bought her, a sticker book & a princess magazine.  We had some sandwiches & snacks & I didn't feel too bad. The heatpads really helped with the pain in my back.  My legs were a different story though!

Once you arrive at the destination airport & have booked assistance, you stay on the plane until everyone has got off.  They bring an ambi-lift to the plane which takes passengers over to the terminal.  They were waiting for me with my wheelchair (phew, it had made it!) & I was the only wheelchair passenger too so we had it to ourselves. The man there was lovely.  My daughter showed off her limited Spanish (thanks to Dora the Explorer!) & he gave her his ear defenders to wear as well as lifting her up onto the ambi-lift (much to her delight!) which was open at the front.  Health & safety is clearly very different over there!!

Palma airport is massive so it really helps having an extra pair of hands & someone who knows where they are going! Again no having to queue at security, bonus :-)  We found our cases, got on the coach for the transfer to resort with a load of rowdy teens (oh how old I felt!) & it wasn't long before we were off.

Arrived at the hotel & was very happy to find out we were in the one I had asked for - they are twin hotels next to each other - we had been put on the first floor close to the lift.  Glad they had taken on board what I'd asked for as last year when we went they put us on the 8th floor so we spent ages messing about changing it.  I can just about manage 1 flight of stairs but not 8..!

I didn't feel too bad & they went for a wander whilst I (probably very stupidly) started unpacking!  The tiredness soon hit me & we went to bed.  Surprisingly slept well & there is not a lot nicer than getting up & putting your bikini on knowing you have a day of sun to look forward to.  We were all inclusive too so no having to worry about going off to buy drinks or ice-cream!

I hired a mobility scooter which arrived within an hour & I didn't use the wheelchair again until we left for the airport on the way home.   I much prefer using scooters as it gives me much more independence.  Means I can go off whenever I want, to the shops usually!  My daughter hitched many a ride on it too, she didn't want to walk & wasn't happy when I made her!!

The holiday was lovely, the sun always helps my symptoms ease a bit & it was just so nice totally relaxing.   I love the beach so enjoyed chilling there a few times.  Apart from my daughter being stung by a jellyfish on day 2!  I could happily lie on the beach all day.  Love the sound of the waves!

The food was great, lots of choice & we only ate lunch out once.  I usually get fed up of the food on holiday towards the end but never do at that hotel.  I did more walking than I should have, around the pool & in the gift shops etc but I took my painkillers when I needed & used loads of my heat spray before bed!

I have had an intolerance to alcohol since I have had M.E but I have a drink every now & then.  I (over!)indulged in Sangria when I was there.  Didn't think that through very well when having a scooter to drive! Luckily I avoided any incidents.

I don't usually read much these days but I took a book that I had wanted to read with me & finished it within a few days.  It is called One Million Lovely Letters by the amazing & very inspirational Jodi Ann Bickley & I recommend it to everyone.  Jodi also suffers from M.E after dealing with some horrific things & writes the most fantastic letters to people who need it.
More information is on her website here

Being able to spend quality time with my princess & seeing her have loads of fun was brilliant.  She makes me so proud ♥

All in all I would recommend anyone with M.E, if they can, to have a holiday.  When I saw my osteopath after I had got back he asked if I'd been in the swimming pool as my muscles/joints weren't as bad as he was expecting.   I don't really swim much but just being in water helps so it is something I am going to try to do more.

Having some colour makes me feel much better too but that will soon be gone!


  1. You've made me even more excited for my holiday now! Flying with special assistance is a life saver, they always treat you so well and take good care of you don't they. I'm so glad you had a lovely time, you're so brown! You look like a hot exotic babe!!

    1. Hot exotic babe...I'll take that Hayley thanks!! ;-) it really does make a difference & takes the pressure off. When do you go away? X


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