M.E & eating (healthy!)

Something I struggle with sometimes is remembering to eat. How can someone not remember to eat you may be thinking...but it's something that with a combination of lack of energy & brainfog is quite easily done.  M.E is great :/  I sometimes don't realise I'm hungry until it's too late & start feeling a bit lightheaded.  Which is why I have to try to make sure I have stuff ready that I can quickly grab & also try to eat little & often through the day.

I have always tried to eat fairly healthily & I actually enjoy it!!  You know those tv programmes where they try to change someone's poor eating habits & they have a big table with all the bad stuff they eat on & then a table of healthy stuff next to it.. I am one of those (some people say strange) people who loves seeing the big displays of fruit & vegetables!

Love it when shopping has been done!

However, it is not always easy to eat well & it can be easier grabbing something more convenient & less healthy.  The last thing you want to do is start making food or cooking when you don't have the energy to do it.  My friend Meg, who also has M.E, inspired me to try to experiment a bit more with food as she posts gorgeous food pictures on her Instagram & has a fab blog too. She eats clean & her food always looks amazing.  Her blog is Meg Says & her Instagram is here.

I have fairly recently discovered coconut oil & the brand I use is Lucy Bee link to website

It can basically be used for everything as it is 100% natural & has lots of health, cooking & beauty benefits.  I don't use oil anymore for cooking & use it in literally everything.  I am sat drinking my daily green tea with a spoonful of it in as I type this!  You can even eat it straight from the jar if you want.

I now make my own granola as the stuff you buy in shops is not only really expensive but it is full of sugar.  I have it on its own to snack on or with fruit & yoghurt.

I have been making smoothies recently a lot as they are so quick & easy to do.  I sometimes have it in a bowl with granola on top.

It is so easy to make..I use oats, nuts, seeds, melted coconut oil, almond oil, honey & sometimes dried fruit. You literally mix it all together & whack it in oven until starts browning then leave to cool & it goes crunchy.  I make loads & it lasts ages.

I love warm peaches & find it a really easy snack to do.  I just fry them in coconut oil for a few minutes.. it is so nice!

I am trying to eat more fish too & less carbs as they bloat me so much. This was a favourite meal recently.

You can also use coconut oil on your hair & skin as a moisturiser.  It is good for problem skin too.  A friend of mine has used it for ecxema & it cleared it up.  You can use on babies for nappy rash & cradle cap.  If you look on website it tells you all the uses.  Too many to list here!

Lucy Bee had a competition recently for children to draw a picture of a plate of colourful food.  The winner would have their drawing made into a meme for them to use on social media.  My daughter did this picture & won!!!

So keep your eye out if you follow Lucy Bee as you will be seeing my daughter's piece of art very soon!!

If anyone has any favourite quick & easy meals or snacks feel free to leave in comments as I am always looking for new ideas :)



  1. Amazing post Ali, I'm trying to catch up on everyone's blogs now that I'm home and this has been my favourite so far! Thanks so much for the mention, I'm really happy to see that eating well has been helping you recently :) that salmon dish looks amazing, I must get your recipe! Sometimes I question whether eating healthily is worth it as I still feel like utter crap and it'd be so much easier for me to opt for microwave meals and packets of crisps - but then I think 'if this is how I feel when I'm fuelling my body with wholesome and nutritious food, how awful must I feel if I just ate junk?!' I now believe it's really important to eat the right foods - if you think about it, even 'well' people get a lot of their energy from food so it must be just as if not more important for us, as long as the food we're making uses as little energy as possible. I need to start doing some blog posts on quick and spoon-friendly recipes but have just been so busy! Congratulations on winning the comp, what a great prize - say well done to your little angel for me :) lots of love x

    1. Thank you so much Meg, that is such a compliment coming from you :)

      Yes totally get what you mean, how can eating so well not have huge positive effects on our symptoms :/ but I imagine filling ourselves with rubbish all the time would make it much worse like you say.

      Aw thanks was very proud & will tell her! I forgot to mention that I also won a large jar of Lucy Bee as well with the competition so I was happy too! :)

      Hugs xx


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