What is a spoonie?

Some of you may have heard or be familiar with the word 'spoonie' that some chronic illness sufferers use to describe themselves. However a lot of people probably haven't heard of it or even if they have, they may not really be sure what it means.

It was developed by Christin Miserandino who suffers from lupus, which is another chronic illness. The following link takes you to her website which explains how she came up with the spoon theory & the term 'spoonie' link to Spoon theory

In a nutshell we start the day with a certain amount of spoons & each "activity" uses up a number of them.  Lower energy activities don't use as many but obviously any activity requiring using more energy use up more spoons. Which is why we have to try not to deplete all our energy too fast as once the spoons have gone they aren't coming back!  The word activity can be quite deceptive though as stuff that us poorly people class as 'activities' are not the sort of stuff non poorly people would imagine them to be.  Simple things like getting up out of bed & brushing teeth use up precious spoons.

This picture explains it quite well..

I have mentioned previously about there being a large M.E/chronic illness community online via Social Media. People can tweet using the hashtag (#) Spoonie & they will be able to talk to people who are in the same position as them.  People who understand.  There are (#) spoonie chats on Twitter & many people have developed good friendships as a result.  We liken it to being a spoonie family which is just because the community is so close. There is always someone there for you whether you feel low & need cheering up or whether you need to ask questions.  It is comforting knowing there are people out there who just get it.

It is really easy to use up spoons too quickly & one of the things that helps is to pace ourselves.  Which means stopping & resting after every "activity" before starting something else.  However it is not always easy to do & more often than not I am not very good at it!

Spoons obviously now represent more than just something we use to eat with & I have had some lovely spoonie gifts from fellow spoonies.  My friend made some chocolate spoons a while ago & sent them to some of us which was lovely.  Thanks Anna :) Very recently another friend decorated some gorgeous vintage spoons & sent one for my daughter & I.  I have mine hanging up near my bed & my daughter has hers on her wall in her bedroom. Thanks Charlotte :)

I also have some spoon charms which I use in my jewellery making - previous post about it here.  I have a bracelet that I made myself & love it.  I have also made them for other spoonies & one lady I did one for never takes hers off!

I have to go & rest now as have used a few too many spoons up writing this.. I will never learn!

Hope this has been helpful


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