The Autumn Tag

When my beautiful friend Meg at Meg Says tagged me in her Autumn Tag post I thought "Oooh I like the sound of this" so here I am.

I have to say I love Summer. It makes me feel so much better when I see the sun shining & I love being able to chill with it on my face so I usually dread the change of seasons.  However I do rather like Autumn & so here are the questions with my answers :-)

1. Favourite Starbucks drink

Shoot me down if you wish (!) but I am not a regular visitor to Starbucks! I can't drink coffee unless it's decaffeinated due to tummy problems & IBS, but on the odd occasion I do go in a Starbucks I tend to have a.. shock horror.. herbal tea!! I am seeing lots of pictures online at the moment though of people's festive Starbucks cups so may have to go in just to get one!

2. Favourite music to listen to

I love music & I like a huge mix. I don't have a particular favourite style, it all depends what mood I am in as to what I listen to.  I have just been listening (& singing along) to Bruno Mars. But also on my playlist at the moment is Calvin Harris, Michael Buble, Christina Aguilera, John Legend, Alicia Keyes, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran & Kings of Leon to name a few. A proper mixed bag!

3. Autumn scent

I have just noticed while writing this that I am running short on perfumes!  My all time favourite is Dolce Vita by Christian Dior which is quite a musky scent, but I haven't had any for ages. Hint hint ;-) I like quite sweet smelling ones & wear them all year round despite them probably being more suited to Summer. I love Vera Wang Princess which I ration use of as I don't want it to run out! Next do some nice everyday perfumes & I have a few at the moment.  I don't have a particular scent for different seasons, as long as I like it I wear it.

4. Favourite Autumn lip product

I never used to wear lipstick as I didn't think it suited me & I used to stick to gloss. But a few years back I turned into a lippy lover! I have loads & in Autumn I like wearing red or plum shades.  I recently won a Twitter competition with Bourjois & one of the prizes was a lipstick which has become my new favorite.  It is from the Rouge Edition range & the shade is number 18 Violine Strass.

5. What do you love most about Autumn?

I really like wearing chunky jumpers & cosy onesies! I also love seeing all the different coloured leaves, they are so pretty & watching my daughter jump in them when they are on the ground is lovely.

6. Go to Autumn accessories

I have a bit of a thing for scarves. I have a special hanger in my wardrobe just for them as I have so many! Plus all the ones that aren't in my wardobe.. I think they are so versatile & not only good for keeping warm but they dress up outfits so easily. This is a just a selection of some of mine..

I think Autumn also screams ankle boots, funky tights, earmuffs & long coats. I have a new one which I haven't worn yet in blue check & it is very Autumnal.  I also have a new found love for hair accessories. Crown & Glory is amazing & make the most beautiful stuff. This flower crown epitomises Autumn for me. It is called the Whole Lotta Rosie & I teamed it with my new lipstick as mentioned above.

7. Favourite Halloween movie

Not seen it for a long time but has to be The Rocky Horror Show!

8. Favourite Autumn nail polish

I also have a bit of a thing for nail polish. I have a whole storage unit dedicated just to them! Summer is all about the brights & Autumn is for the darks. I love a classic red mani but I have a favourite at the moment which is another Bourjois product. It is black & has loads of glitter in it. I also have a (big) thing for glitter!  It is so sparkly & it stays on really well. Usually by day 2 I am messing with my nails & have to start again but this one has proven me wrong. It is called 1 Seconde Gel Silicone Texture & is in shade 31 Dangerous Wish.

9. What are you most looking forward to this Autumn?

Having chronic illness makes it difficult to go out & do all the things I wish I could do, like walks in the park kicking crunchy leaves. Going over them in a wheelchair doesn't quite have the same effect! But I am looking forward to snuggling under my amazing heated throw, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows & doing Autumn crafty things with my little girl. I love burning scented candles when it's dark out, there's something really cosy about having a candle burning. And more than likely I will be eating nice chocolates that are meant for Christmas but that I couldn't resist buying!

Thank you for reading, hope you've enjoyed it. I am tagging my lovely friends Aly at Perfect is a Myth, Hayley at Life, Love And M.E & Emma at Emma's Looking Glass but feel free to write about your favourite Autumn things in the comments & let me know, I'd love to hear :-)

ME Mummy A


  1. Aww yay, so happy to see that you decided to do the tag! It was the first non-illness related one I've done on my blog and I thought it was so fun :) loved all of your answers - I'm a fan of Vera Wang Princess too! Congratulations on winning the Bourjois giveaway, so exciting. I popped a card in the post for you today :) lots of love x

    Meg at Meg Says

    1. Thanks Meg, I really enjoyed doing it so thanks for the tag. And aw thanks for card sweetie, hugs xx

  2. Your Autumn cosy activities sound right up my street Ali! Definitely going to have to get myself a heated throw... Loved this little peek into some of your favourite things :)
    Freckles & All


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