Looks can be deceiving!

This is a very quick post as I am really struggling as a result of doing too much the last few days (by my standards anyway).

I am lying in bed thinking how people wouldn't believe I was the same person they saw earlier today.  They'd have thought that despite me being in the wheelchair, that I was well. To look at I probably looked fine. It's amazing what a bit of make up & a some sparkle in your hair can do to cover up a load of poorlines!
With M.E, as I've talked about before, it's an invisible illness so it isn't always obvious the sufferer is suffering!

This afternoon it was my daughter's dance show at the Northern Ballet theatre which has made me a very proud mummy (& auntie as my niece was in it too). It was brilliant & I'm so glad I went. I didn't think I would be able to last night as felt so bad.  I think I forced myself to go really as I had a bit of a wobble last night & got really upset about missing out on lots of other stuff.

The way I feel now after almost 4 hours of being home, I am thinking about how wiped out I (we) get from doing something that most people would see as normal.  I have had ringing in my ears for hours, I feel so poorly I can barely move. I have had to just lay really still. Everywhere hurts. And the next few days will likely be even worse.

I have done a before & after picture. My face now is grey, I have dark bags under my eyes & if a picture could talk it would be saying Bleugh!  Looks really can be deceiving...

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