A few of my favourite things

This week hasn't been the best for a few reasons but I am trying to focus on positive stuff.  I also think that when you're living with chronic illness it is really important to have happy things to keep you going.  So, I thought I would share a few of my favourite things.. things that make me smile. Other than my daughter as that's a given!

Top of the list I think has to be sparkle! Everyone who knows me knows how much of a magpie I am.. I am just drawn to glitter & anything sparkly. If I could I would live in a glittery wonderland where everything just sparkled & I would be permanently smiling! However as that is only ever likely to happen in a fairytale, the best I can do is adorn my hair, body & anything else I own with as much of it as possible. It appears I have passed my love for sparkle on to my daughter too. Hurrah!

Another favourite thing of mine is nail polish.  I have loads of it & a special storage unit for it all! Well, the stuff I can fit in it anyhow. I used to bite my nails when I was younger so seem to have gone OTT with it now I have decent nails. Obviously my favourite kind of polish is glittery!!

I also love bows. Anything & everything bow shaped I just have a thing for. So imagine my joy when I discovered Crown & Glory, who make the most amazing glittery hair bows. I have rather an impressive collection going on now despite only finding out about them a few months ago!!

Vintage stuff makes me smile. I love things like china teacups.. they are just so pretty. My mum-in-law got me one last Christmas & I adore it.  It would be amazing to have a separate room to turn into a den full of vintage loveliness! I love looking at all the different stuff on Instagram.

As well as vintage I also love kitsch stuff. I've always liked things that are rather quirky. There is some amazing jewellery out there & I love anything that's a bit different. I probably spend far too long sometimes looking through pages of it on Instagram. Can you see a pattern forming?!!

I can't do a post about some of my favourite things & not mention the one & only Keith Lemon! He cracks me up & just in case anyone missed it here is a picture of me when I met him the other week!!! Blog post about it here :-)

Make up, bags & shoes are an obvious thing to like but it's true that a lady can never have enough of any of it!! Yes we really do need that shiny new lipstick even though we have hundreds already... and those shoes. No of course they don't look anything like that other pair I have but hardly ever wear ;-)

I can't finish this post without mentioning my friends. They are just awesome & I am so grateful for them. Any of you who don't know how much I value your friendship then I am telling you now. ☆♡☆♡☆
Laughter, craziness, tears.. whatever it is, they are there & we get each other through. I think having good friends is even more important than having lots of shoes ;-)

What are your favourite things? If you say glitter then have a big high five from me!

ME Mummy A

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