Who says wheelchairs can't look good!

A while ago I mentioned that I had a new wheelchair which I was making some decorative adjustments to! That seems like ages ago now & I have been meaning to post some pictures of how it looks so here goes...

I decided not to go too over the top with colour, much to my own surprise... I actually love it & for the first time since having to use a wheelchair I don't feel embarrassed as I am no longer using a battered-rusty-falling apart-old thing!! So here is my lovely new companion, that is yet to have a name (!)

I used zebra print Duck Tape for the black & white.  Their UK website is here but you can buy on Ebay or Amazon & also Asda stock it.  I bought some silver crystals on Ebay which are described as for laptops but can be used to decorate anything.  They were really easy to use & can be cut to size then just stuck on.  I can't say it was a totally stress free job as I had to change my mind about the pattern I wanted originally on the sides as I couldn't get them to sit flush but I prefer it how it is now!

I have had lots of compliments from people when I've been out in it. I mean, who doesn't like a bit of bling!  When we went to Blackpool Zoo recently one of the people working there told me I had the perfect design for being there & I even had a sneaky picture taken with the zebras!!

My friend Hayley (who blogs here & since I starting writing this has been featured in 4 National newspapers raising awareness of M.E!!) did a visual campaign for M.E Awareness Week here & inspired me to have a few pictures done showing how you can still (yes, really!) look good in a wheelchair.  I am planning something else but for now here are a few snaps of me when I first decorated it.  I wish I could say I actually wear the heels however I don't!!! They live on a shelf in my bedroom for purely eye candy purposes. Crazy? Maybe. But I love them & had to have them, even if just for show!

Disability doesn't mean you should be invisible. And it certainly doesn't mean you can't look good.

Thanks for reading.

ME Mummy A


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    1. Thank you Charlotte! We both have wheels which I'm sure people must envy ;-)

  2. Excellent... I remember the duct tape conversation... I have penguin tape adorning many random objects now. Such fun!

    1. Thanks Sally!! I love the stuff & you've just reminded me I can add my penguin one to parcels as I'm sending loads at the moment ;-)

  3. Oooo are you launching a modelling career too? Well restarting... I had an old lady eyeing up mine the other day. Until I turned around to the undone side hehe xx

    1. Haha well you never know, been a while though ;-) ...that's hilarious. Bet she was really confused!!xx

  4. This is amazing Ali! I love it :)


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