With it being the time of year where our kids get loads of presents I started thinking about children who don't have anything & decided that it was time to have a toy clear out. Rather than take stuff to a charity shop I wanted to find somewhere direct who would benefit.

I found out about a local refuge & when I spoke to them they were extremely grateful that we were going to take some stuff there. It is the first time they will be doing Christmas for the children there & they said they would use the stuff we gave as presents for them.

When we took everything (we dealt with the ladies in the office) my daughter was so sweet & helped them put the toys into boxes. She said she wanted to work there! They said they couldn't even begin to tell us what a difference it would make. They had even written a lovely thank you letter for my little girl & it made me feel really emotional.

It really moved me & the thought of children with nothing made me feel really sad.  So I have been asking around friends to see if anyone has any stuff they no longer want so I can take it there again before Christmas (we are going in a few days but they don't know yet!)

As well as toys & clothes I am trying to get as many selection boxes as possible as they are doing a bit of a campaign for them to put in stockings for the children on Christmas day. They said they had some advent calendars donated a few weeks ago & seeing the children's reactions was amazing. One little boy was shaking with excitement as he'd never had one before. Just heartbreaking.  I contacted a few local supermarkets to see if they could help but they are already donating to other places.

If anyone local who knows me wants to donate anything let me know. Thank you x

Something else I heard about through a friend of mine was a campaign a Leeds fashion blogger called Gabby is doing. She is working alongside Leeds Children's Charity 'to give young people the gift of fashion this Christmas'! I donated a big bag of clothes & a few accessories & I can't wait to see what she does with the things I gave her to create new outfits. The link to her blog with the details is here.  Knowing people who wouldn't be able to afford new clothes will be having new outfits given makes me feel all warm & fuzzy.

I know it isn't much but knowing I have helped less fortunate people a little bit makes me feel happy. It doesn't take much & the difference it makes to these people is vast.  If everyone donated one thing imagine how much it would help?

Thanks for reading.
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