Happy things & importance of having things to look forward to

Life with chronic illness is very difficult. Day in day out plagued by symptoms is really no fun. It is very easy to fall into a dark hole & struggle to get out of it so if you find something that makes you feel happy then you need to grab onto it! So bearing that in mind I wanted to mention a couple of things which have been making me smile recently. I don't often buy things for me so I have been treating myself for a change!

If you have read my recent posts you will know how much I like Crown and Glory hair accessories. They have a monthly subscription called The Glitterati run by the super sparkly Sophie King who owns Crown & Glory. I joined a few months ago & for £20 per month you get a box full of goodies worth at least £50. Bargain!

Now it's always nice getting happy post but knowing at the start of each month a box of amazingness will be arriving is rather exciting!  Not only that but there is a secret Facebook group for members where we chat, share pictures & can also swap any unwanted items. Everyone is so so lovely too so it's been really nice meeting new people. It is quite amusing when we know the postie should be bringing the sparkly box.. we (well I definitely do!) seem to turn into a crazy window-watching-postman-stalkers!!

I wasn't exaggerating that the box is sparkly...

Inside there is always a mix of different hair things, some totally exclusive to the Glitterati & not available online.  The last few months have been sponsored by other places too so we've had extra lovely things in them.

The latest box was a Christmas themed one & if you like pretty things & sparkle I think you will share my appreciation of it!

Of course my daughter also loves wearing the stuff & even though I am not well enough to go out very often, who says you can't adorn your head with beautiful creations even if you're in bed ;-)


Another monthly subscription I have been admiring (or rather drooling over) online for a while now, but only just signed up to, is Lucky Dip Club. I first found out about it on Instagram - link here - when I spotted it on someone's feed. I can spend ages looking at the pictures as it's all so lovely & quirky & fabulous! For £15 per month you get a box full of gorgeous kitsch goodies made by the very talented Leona. Each month has a different theme, there is always lots of positive quotes & a personalised item in each box. The presentation of everything in the funky packaging she uses is almost as exciting as what's inside!

They sell out really quickly when they become available each month & you can either buy a single monthly box for £18 or you can have a rolling subscription so you ensure you don't miss out on the next one.

The latest box was a "Kitschmas" one & to my excitement it had lots of glitter & bows in it! There were a couple of DIY garlands so I have done them with my daughter & it was lots of fun. I have just found out January's theme is unicorns, seriously excited about that one!

I know there are various beauty subscriptions that people are fans of & probably loads of other things too so if you want to share I'd be interested in knowing. Although I think two addictions is plenty enough already!!

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