Illness on top of chronic illness

As if it isn't bad enough having M.E & never feeling well anyway, when I am unlucky enough to catch some sort of virus or bug or lurgy (!) it makes everything a million times (or so it seems) worse.

I started feeling like I was coming down with a cold a few weeks ago but it just kept lingering & didn't really get any worse so I (stupidly) thought I had got away with it. Wrong! For about the last 4 days I have had a cold. For healthy people a cold is just that. It doesn't affect them too much & they can carry on doing stuff. However add chronic illness into the mix & it becomes so much worse.  I am quite prone to sinus infections after a cold so I am having to try things to stop it happening like doing sinus rinses & using steroid spray which I have in just in case. If I catch an infection it makes me mega poorly so I really can't afford to.

Whenever I get ill it affects me so much worse than it would if I didn't have M.E. Even something as simple as a cold makes you feel like you have full blown flu even though you haven't.  I have the flu jab now & have avoided getting it the last 3 years since having the jab.  I used to catch it every year without fail & couldn't risk it anymore as flu & M.E is pretty much the worst combination ever!!

It is the school holidays at the moment & because I've felt so rough I've not been able to do stuff out of the house with my daughter, which I am finding quite upsetting today. As you will know if you read my blog I already find it hard not being able to do a lot of stuff but when you're ill on top of ill it really does get to you.

She knew I was upset earlier & before going to the cinema with her dad she brought me this note she had written me. She really is the best. My little sunshine ♡

ME Mummy A 

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