Something fun I do when I feel upto it (or can be bothered!) is entering competitions, mainly on Twitter. It has become a bit of a joke amongst my friends & family that I always seem to win!! I never won anything until I joined Twitter & I seem to have just been really lucky since.

Most of the competitions are where you re-tweet a tweet. For those not familiar with Twitter it is just sharing the competition tweet on your own timeline, like sharing a post on Facebook. Sometimes you have to answer a question but it's never anything too testing! A good day for them is a Friday when a lot of places run "Freebie Friday" prizes so it's a busy day in the online competition world ;-)

The first thing I won was some Sleep-In Rollers, which came with some lashes & spray tan. Then not long after I won some more so I had them sent to my friend!

Since then, I have won various things but I only enter the ones I actually want to win! Some people go for every one going & I often wonder what on earth they would do with the prize if they did win it as there are some bizarre ones. The buzz of winning takes over I suppose!

One of the best things I think I won was a heated throw by Dreamland. I already have an electric heatpad by them & had wanted one of the throws so when I won I think I probably did a little happy dance! They are so cosy & don't take long to warm up. Plus heat helps with my M.E pain so it's brilliant.

Some other stuff I have won include (from the things I can remember!!)
Make up
Nail polish
Vouchers (I won another £50 one on New Year's Eve for F&F at Tesco... woooo!)
And today is Freebie Friday & I have just won some fudge!!

You do get a buzz when you find out you've won & it doesn't take long to enter so providing you have the energy it is worth trying! Have fun & let me know if you've ever won anything :-)

ME Mummy A

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