My daughter, my sunshine

My little girl is my absolute sunshine. I know I've said it before but she is. I love reading with her before she goes to sleep & tonight after her books, she asked if she could sing me a lullaby. I think she was just doing it to stall going to bed but I thought it would be nice!

I wasn't quite expecting the words that came out of her mouth. In such a lovely tune too...
"Mummy I hope you sleep well tonight.
I wish that your M.E goes away & when you wake up tomorrow you will be better".
When she saw the tears in my eyes she said I was her precious girl. It is so unfair that I am a poorly mummy & my girl shouldn't have to see it.  But I am & she does.

Sometimes things just hit you & you are not sure how to feel. I cried at her song then laughed when she called me her precious girl. Emotion overload!

We were snuggled on the sofa earlier watching tv & I said that I could just fall asleep. Her response cracked me up. She said "oh then I would get to watch my tv all night"!!

My life would certainly be a lot more dull without her ♡

ME Mummy A


  1. Awww Alison Lucia is so precious bless her little hear, really tugs at your heartstrings xxxx


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