Happy 1st blogiversary to me!

I can't quite believe it's been a year since I started this blog! My reason for starting it was to try to raise awarenesses of M.E whilst giving an honest account of what it is like being a mummy with the condition.  I feel that I have not only achieved that but have also realised how much I enjoy writing. Having an outlet for your thoughts is actually very therapeutic & a really good way of getting things off your chest.

I have had a lot of positive feedback from my posts & people I know have said how much they have learnt from it too. When I hear stuff like that it makes me feel pretty chuffed & proud of myself.  Having M.E is horrendous but if through talking about it I have opened peoples' eyes to it then I have accomplished what I set out to achieve.

I have to date had almost 15,000 views on the blog which, to say I am not a well known blogger or anything, makes me proud.  I appreciate every person who has taken the time to read my posts & want to thank everyone who has commented too as it means a lot. I will carry on blogging as I really enjoy it despite sometimes writing about stuff that (allegedly!) makes people cry!

One of my proudest moments in the last year was when I took part in our charity fundraiser on M.E Awareness Day.  The links to my posts about it are here & here.

It was exhausting but amazing how much money we raised & was a lot of fun too. We are doing similar this year so I will most definitely be blogging about it & will be talking about the upcoming plans shortly!

Something else I am proud of which I blogged about was blinging my wheelchair! Mobility aids are pretty tough to come to terms with but you may as well make them look good :) Link to post here.

I also really enjoyed reading the notes from our memory jar with my little girl, which I had been writing throughout the year. Link to post here.

Of course I can't do a round up of the year without mentioning (again!!) when I met Keith Lemon! It was one of the most memorable days of my life, one I will have etched in my memory forever no doubt!! Link to when it happened here.

So again, thank you for the support & I look forward to sharing lots more of my thoughts, stories & pictures with you in the future. If anyone has any things they would like me to talk about then feel free to leave a comment or message me.

On that note I think it would be rude not to go & eat some cake... it's not every day your blog turns 1! :-)

ME Mummy A


  1. Congratulations Ali; until I saw this on twitter I never knew that you had a blog! What a shame I've missed out on an entire year of what I'm sure are wonderful posts. It'll be lovely to get to know you a little more by reading through them all xx


  2. Look how far you've come! Here's to another amazing year of blogging! <3

  3. So proud of you sparkle even though you make me cry. Xxx

    1. Thank you sweetie & for all your support too. Sorry for making you cry!! Xx

    2. Thank you sweetie & for all your support too. Sorry for making you cry!! Xx

  4. Well done! Happy blog Anniversary!!!!

    Lennae xxx


  5. Congratulations Ali! I always love popping over to read your posts and will look forward to more to come :)

    Faye xxx

    1. Thanks so much Faye that's lovely of you to say xx

  6. Congrats Princess! :)
    Love to read your posts. Thanks for sharing with us xo

  7. Apologies for the duplicated comments, not sure why that has happened!


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