Princesses (of the Disney kind)

My little girl was never very girly when she was tiny & was quite a tomboy until suddenly one day she seemed to turn into a stereotypical girl who loved all things Princess.  I had no idea who any of the Disney Princesses were when she was a baby but that all soon changed!

I have just been in her bedroom & there seems to be a theme!!!

I have to say that the old Disney films are absolute classics & I enjoy watching them as much as she does. They never (despite their age) get old.  The more modern Disney stuff is brilliant too & I love snuggling up with her watching Tangled or everyone's favourite film of the moment Frozen!  I love the adult humour in the more recent stuff & I bet I can't find anyone who doesn't like Disney in some way or form.

With the love of Disney comes the want or need for all things related to it. It's a retailer's dream. I am talking about children but I know a fair few grown ups who have a penchant for it too! Whether it be toys, games, books, nightwear, jewellery, cutlery (you get the idea), even stuff like toothbrushes or hair combs, they sell it & we buy it!

I touched on this sort of thing in another blog post when I talked about TV characters & Peppa Pig. Link to post here! I admit when I go into the Disney store I feel like, well.. a kid in a toy shop! It is ridiculous really how children become so obsessed with certain characters but who doesn't secretly want to be a Princess? Dressing up as one is something most little girls enjoy doing. In our house we have a choice of different outfits & I may have wished before that I could squeeze into them! I dressed as one for our Team Princess M.E fundraiser last year & loved it. So I can't really blame my daughter for being slightly Princess obsessed can I?

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  1. Something similar happened to my niece two years ago. Now she is a princess and loves everything in pink :)

  2. My little girl is the same, loves all the Princess's and of course is Frozen mad. her favourite colour used to be pink, since frozen its blue! The Disney shop is great, although rather expensive. I have always loved Winnie the Pooh and am sad they stopped selling adult clothes.


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