My love of vintage

I have mentioned previously that I love vintage stuff! There is something really special about seeing a unique piece of vintage loveliness. Something that likely has a story behind it. An actual piece of the past.

If I sometimes want to get out of the house but don't feel particularly up to doing much then I will pop to a charity shop. With my silly legs & general lack of ability to walk very far at all (thanks M.E!) I find they are more manageable than the average shop. Charity shops are quite fashionable these days in terms of coolness & are the first choice place for people who love vintage! It is brilliant when you find something that you love in amongst the other rubbish & you feel that you have unearthed a little piece of history.

I have recently found a few lovely things. This set caught my eye but I didn't get it at first as I wasn't sure where it could go but I kept thinking about it once I was back home so had to get it! The whole thing was only £3.99 & it is now on a shelf with some of my sparkly bows in (surprise surprise!).

I went to my first vintage fair a few weeks ago which wasn't ideal with the wheelchair as it was pretty packed & quite a tight squeeze to get around. However, I loved seeing all the stuff & managed to get a few bits. This top had my name all over it! Obviously not literally (!) but I love blue & I love sparkle. So really, it was meant to be!

I found a few more tops & also found this glass cake stand which I have used for storing some of my ever increasing stash of hair accessories. I had been wanting something similar for a while so for the grand sum of £4.00 it was all mine! I have a thing for glass if you hadn't noticed...

I have a bag that belonged to my grandma which I absolutely love & people always comment on it if they see it. It's not only lovely but makes it feel that bit more special because it was hers. I also have some leather gloves that she gave me & I just love how they are classically beautiful but always remind me of her.

I wish I had realised when I was younger how much I would like vintage as I would have had loads of amazing stuff now. Things like floral vases & teacup sets, which I am always drawn to. So if anyone has any knocking about feel free to pass them on!

One of my favourite places locally is a little gem called Sunshine Bakery. It is a little place with about 5 tables & they do the most amazing food. Their cupcakes are the best ever. But what I like most about it is the interior. It is so quirky & is full of vintage mismatched cups, saucers & other trinkets. I just love it!

It has recently been refurbished & when I went in I sat down at the only spare table (it is always busy) & I didn't realise until after a while that I had sat under a light on the wall which said Sparkle. It was as if it had been waiting for me!! 

Would love to hear if you share the same love of vintage as me & about any lovely things you have. Vintage rules!

ME Mummy A


  1. Oh love I adore vintage too! Love your pics you've got some bargains there! And the sign ! Love from one Spoonie x

    1. Yay another vintage fan :) thank you, I so want that sign!! X

    2. Yay another vintage fan :) thank you, I so want that sign!! X


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