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As you will know if you read my blog, I am unable to go out very much with my little girl because of my condition (I have M.E for those who don't know), so we often do crafty stuff in the house. I am always looking for new ideas for fun things to do. My previous post here is about some of the stuff we have done before. Messy play is the best!

It has just come to the end of half term & school holidays are always times when you need to try to keep the little darlings occupied! My daughter will happily sit for ages drawing at the moment but she really likes anything creative & will spend ages doing it. So when we were lucky enough to be sent a T-Shirt design kit from www.buytshirtsonline.co.uk she (I!) couldn't wait to get started. They have a twitter page here & a Facebook page here too.

The kit looked like this when it arrived..

We were sent a Disney princess themed box, which after my post last week about princesses here was perfect!  There were two T-shirts in the box, one in age 5-6 which is the current size my daughter fits into & also one for me that I told her she could decorate for me!

We got everything out & she chose where she wanted to put the transfer. I got the iron ready & although the instructions said it would take 60-90 seconds to stick, it probably took around 5 minutes! Once it was on it looked really good & she got to work on decorating.

The fabric pens were quite thick so we got a paint tray & squeezed some of each colour out onto it then also mixed some up to make different colours. She used the ends of the pens to draw with & it kept her occupied for ages.

She decided to draw various things relating to the princesses on the transfer so she did Pascal from Tangled for Rapunzel, Flounder from The Little Princess for Ariel, one of the birds from Cinderella, the magic lamp from Aladdin for Jasmine, Belle's rose, Snow White's apple, some crowns & a wand! I was really impressed with how well she did & she really enjoyed it.

For mine I told her to do whatever she wanted so it was lovely when I saw she'd written "I love you mummy" in blue, my favourite colour! She drew some hearts, kisses, a magic flower (apparently) & a rainbow too.

After the initial panic that the transfer wasn't going to stick, it was a really fun thing to do & it kept her busy for ages. I would definitely recommend the kits & I shall be keeping my lovely new T-shirt in my Mummy's memory box :-)

MEMummy A


  1. Love that idea!!! She did a beautiful job too bless her :)


    1. Aw thanks Steph, my T-shirt is safely tucked away in my memory box now! :) xx

    2. Aw thanks Steph, my T-shirt is safely tucked away in my memory box now! :) xx


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