Mother's Day & what being a mum means to me

Today is Mother's Day here in the UK. I am lucky to have a good relationship with my mum & we are friends as well as mother & daughter. She has been there for me for as long as I can remember. During the last 12 years since my M.E diagnosis she's been there with a shoulder to cry on, as a sounding board when I have needed to rant & with a hug when I've been so poorly & all I had wanted to do was run away. She sometimes buys me flowers just because. She is also very funny & makes me laugh a lot. I am lucky to have her.

I also feel very privileged to have a beautiful little girl who makes me very proud. Hearing her call me mummy makes me feel so good. I love her so much & she literally brightens each day.

When you have chronic illness it is not always easy to smile as you are so consumed by symptoms sometimes that you feel suffocated by it. Before I had my daughter I felt lonely, despite having people around me. It is possible to feel alone even if you are constantly surrounded by others. I felt I had no purpose anymore, that the life I had built for myself & worked hard to achieve was over. Illness took over & made me feel like I was useless.

However, this little person came along & changed everything. She is my sunshine. My princess. My world.  She makes me smile every day. It is so difficult being a parent when you are poorly but I now try to focus on the things I can do rather than dwelling on what I can't.

As she is growing up (she is 6 in a few weeks), she becomes more & more aware of & helpful towards me & my condition. Last week she knew my back was aching while I was sorting out her breakfast. She said she would be "back in a sec" & appeared with a hand massager then started rubbing my back! Such a little cutie.

A beautiful friend of mine send me a message earlier that made me cry. It said:

"Happy Mother's Day to you
You're one inspirational mummy and you've done what so many people in our position are often afraid to do.
I fully salute you and am honoured and proud to know you. Xxxxxxx love you"

Hearing stuff like that makes me feel very emotional but also very proud.

To all the mums out there, I admire you all. We have the best job in the world.

Love & hugs also to those who have sadly lost their mums & to any mummies of Angel babies. You are in my thoughts.

ME Mummy A


  1. She sounds like such a gorgeous little girl Ali- a real credit to you. It can't be easy being a mummy while suffering with ME- I really admire you, it sounds like you do a fantastic job. Hope you had a wonderful day together xxx

    1. Oh thanks so much Faye, that's such a lovely thing to say! We had a nice day thank you, I got spoilt with a gorgeous card & presents then we went for afternoon tea at my favourite vintage place :-) xx


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