Team Princess 2015

It's 12 years since I got my diagnosis of M.E. And yet here I am, still poorly. March 2003 will never be a particularly happy memory!

I have had a really bad week healthwise. My usual positivity wavered. There has been lots of tears & moments of despair. The knowledge that I have to keep going is almost torturous sometimes. I have to carry on living like this though because what other choice do I have? My daughter is almost 6 & she has never known her mummy to be well. Which breaks my heart but she keeps me going.

However, it is that time of year again. No, not Spring (although I am liking the sunshine!) ...Team Princess is back!!

It's getting close to M.E Awareness day on May 12th. Which means Team Princess AKA The Princesses and M.E rears its head again. Woo hoo! Last year was when our fantastic fundraising Team of Princesses (& 1 Queen), all of whom are sufferers, was born. See my previous posts about it all here & here.

Our fabulous Queen Sian, who came up with the idea, has done a really detailed blog post about it here. It gives all the information about this year's plans. We will be donning our costumes, tiaras or whatever else we fancy on May 12th & I have something fun in mind.

We raised over £4000 last year for the charity Invest in ME but this year it will be a bit different as we will be supporting more M.E charities both in the UK & other countries.

Last year was made all the more special by our very own Princess Allan who was such a good sport on the day & made a better Princess than all of us in his shocking pink wig! Very sadly, a few months later Allan passed away & it hit the online M.E community really hard. This year, in tribute to him, we will all be wearing or accessorizing with something pink on the day.

I will be setting a JustGiving page up shortly so will post more about that when it is done.  We had so much amazing support last year so I really hope we can again this year. As well as raising awareness, we aim to make as much money as possible towards funding vital research in finding a cure for this horrific condition.

If you have any questions or would like to join Team Princess then please let me know :-)

M.E Mummy A


  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! I want the blue wig to make a reappearance!!!

    1. Haha Hayley I won't reveal yet but you know how partial I am to changing my hair colour... ;-)


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