Glitterati unboxing August 2015

If you read my blog you'll already know I am a huge fan of Crown and Glory  & their monthly subscription box The Glitterati. If not where have you been?!

It's been a whole year since the start of The Glitterati & although I didn't join until October, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the much awaited first birthday box. There had been a poll in the group for us to vote for our favourite themes but there was no guarantee of what it would be despite lots of us hoping for unicorns!

My little Miss made a card with some of her favourite bits & we sent it to Sophie & Gareth to say Happy Birthday!

Each time the postperson brings my box I feel like doing a happy dance (which if M.E wasn't there I think I'd actually do). Instead I do a bit of a silent woooop & hold it for a few minutes admiring the glittery tape. But then I can't wait any longer & in I go...

Lo and behold the first thing I saw was a unicorn sticker. Hurrah!

And then a gorgeous print from Veronica Dearly whos work I love. Rainbows & unicorns... It was like the perfect box!

And this is what was inside...

Unicorn headband, which is part of Crown & Glory's collaboration with Sugar & Vice
 RRP £20

Glitter rainbow clip
 RRP £12

Rainbow rose clip (limited edition)
RRP £3

Unicorn wing comb
RRP £10

Love bobby pin pair
RRP £5

Glitter unicorn hair (in blue, yessss) which is the first look at their new line of hair accessories

The whole box was totally gorgeous & I *think* (although I seem to say that often) that this has been my favourite one so far.

If you would like to share the joy that these amazing boxes bring, as well as joining a fab community of ladies, if you give my name as your referral (Alison West) we will both get £10 to spend on the site. Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed!

Before I go I want to share a YouTube video that one of our lovely Glitterati ladies Amber put together, in celebration of the first birthday. Some of the members (including me & mini me!) filmed messages to show what the Glitterati means to them. It is so much more than a group of people who like hair accessories, which you will see if you watch. Thank you Amber for putting it together & a big thank you to Sophie & Gareth for putting a smile on my face each month as well as creating the best girl gang to be a part of! Having something to look forward to (as I've mentioned several times since signing up!) when you have chronic illness makes such a huge difference & I can't thank you enough.


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