Holiday Part 2 - Puerto Pollensa Majorca 2015

Following on from my previous post about the journey - here - this is the rest of my holiday blog.

Part 2.
Arrival & holiday

I am always so relieved when we've landed safely & feel like I can finally relax. Time to enjoy myself! Because I had wheelchair assistance, we had to stay on the plane until everyone had got off. It makes me feel a bit claustrophobic when they all stand up the second the seatbelt sign is off waiting for the doors to open.

Once all the passengers have got off, they bring an ambi-lift to the doors of the plane. They always take the wheelchair off you when you get on the plane as it goes in the hold, but in my experience it has always been waiting for me before going into the terminal. While we were waiting for them, the cabin crew & captain were at the front so my little girl thanked them for the flight and the captain asked if she wanted to sit in the cockpit. Oh yes she did!! She loved it. He told her she could turn the wheel so she thinks she moved the plane. And she pressed something which made a noise so she thought it was brilliant. Think she would have happily stayed there!

One of the perks of having assistance is that you don't need to queue. Which at any airport is a pretty good thing, but at Palma airport it's excellent as it's so huge! By the time we got through security & to the carousel, our luggage was there so we went to find the coach. We must have been some of the last people to get on it as not long after we were ready to go. That was a bonus as sometimes we can be sat waiting for ages. It took about 40 minutes to get there which compared to the 90 minutes it had said in the brochure was a pleasant surprise.

We've been to Puerto Pollensa once before. I was pregnant at the time so it was around 7 years ago but I'd always wanted to go back. It's a fishing port & it isn't very built up so it still feels really traditional. I had already had confirmation from the Travel Agents that we'd been given a first floor room near the lift as I had requested so when we got to the hotel & we saw the room I was really happy. The hotel has had a recent refurb & is lovely & modern so I was pretty excited.

I can never relax properly until the unpacking has been done so we cracked on. We were still in time for dinner so we headed down after a quick change. I was exhausted & wasn't that hungry as I'd eaten on the journey but I still had a few bits. We were all inclusive too so no having to make sure we had money on us!! The restaurant has been extended since we were there & they have chefs cooking fresh meat & fish each night as well as a huge choice of other stuff. Was very impressed throughout the week with the food.

We went to sit round the pool & had a drink. It was so hot & I finally felt like I was on holiday. There was entertainment going on but we didn't stay long as we were ready for some sleep after a day of travelling. I was hiring a scooter but the place was shut until the morning so we headed to bed. I dosed myself with painkillers & sprayed some heat stuff on my wonky body!

Our hotel was the biggest in the resort with lots going on. We stayed at the Fergus Pollensa Park. Hotels are always a bit noisy at night/early morning but that's to be expected. We managed some sleep & even though I felt pretty knackered & achey the next day, we headed down for breakfast. There was everything you could possibly want to eat. Then it was time to go & chill by the pool!

I had booked the scooter via reception so went to collect it at the time they said it would be there. However in typical Spanish "mañana" style, they were not on time! It was an English lady who brought it for me so we had a chat & I was rather happy to discover the scooter was blue, my favourite :) And of course my little Miss loved it...she spent all week wanting a lift on it & I think she was as disappointed as me at the end of the week. I love having the independence of a scooter as oppose to being in the wheelchair. I did find it hurt my hand where I was having to hold down the accelerator but other than that it was good.

Just in case you wondered I am wearing shorts in this!! 

The outside area in the hotel was really nice with decent sunloungers & not the usual white plastic things you usually get. There were activities going on throughout the day for both children & adults. I hadn't really intended on sending my daughter to the Mini Club that often but it turned out to be really good & they did stuff around the grounds so we could pull a chair up & watch close by. They did stuff like colouring, yoga, pool games, garden games & every night was a mini disco. She loved it & made a lovely friend who she spent a lot of the holiday with & we spent time with her parents so that was nice. We are actually going to see them in a few weeks as they don't live very far away.

I felt really chilled whilst we were away, I went & had the odd rest but did feel relaxed round the pool & I was in the shade a fair bit as I can't seem to hack the sun very much these days. We had the occasional wander in the day but it was so hot that it was pretty uncomfortable. We went to the beach one day but it was busier than I thought it would be so we had a drink at a beach bar & left after an hour or so. Beautiful beach though.

The resort has the beach running along next to a road & from our hotel it was about a ten minute walk to the harbour where the cafes are. Some fab picture opportunities!

All in all we had a lovely time. I find the sun helps me loads too & would live abroad if I could. By the end of the week though I was ready for home. I think doing so much compared to normal was taking it's toll on me & also I was sick of all the food!! Which is really silly as I actually ate really healthily while I was there.. I was feeling pretty wrecked & the thought of travelling home was at the back of my mind. The journey home was really draining as by the time you've got to the airport on the transfer & gone through check-in then security you feel like you are ready for bed. But we had a few more hours yet! I was really good again taking off & did the looking out of the window thing but then turbulence started & I freaked. I really don't like it! Combined with exhaustion I was ready to cry. However, we finally landed safely & were soon home. I love the feeling of climbing into your own bed when you've been away!

I had really bad holiday blues for a few days & felt quite down but I'm ok now. I think because being away I escape everything & although I still feel poorly when I'm on holiday, it is better than being stuck at home not being able to do much. Once you get back it's like reality hits you & there's no escape anymore. But I have all the lovely pictures to look at & some really nice memories. And I would be back there now in a shot!


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