Holiday part 1 - Puerto Pollensa Majorca 2015

I am going to split my holiday blog post over 2 seperate ones as it will be too long otherwise!

So here we go with part 1.
The Journey.

Even though I had done the majority of packing in advance, of course I still ended up a bit stressed the few days prior to leaving. The last bits seem to be the most stressful and I kept thinking of yet more stuff I needed. I was going to get some Rescue Remedy to try to keep me calm (or calm me down I should say!) but I never ended up getting round to it.

I didn't sleep much the night before, which always seems to happen when I'm going away no matter what time I am travelling. I am a rubbish sleeper anyway but add a holiday to the mix & I've no chance! I did manage a bit of sleep though & then woke up far too early. Great. I had to cram the last bits into my ever increasing hand luggage which included travel cushions, a few bits of make up, chargers, tablet, camera, travel documents & a couple of clear bags with various toiletry bits I didn't want to risk getting smashed in the main case etc etc. You get the idea. There was a lot! And it was heavy. Good job I had a wheelchair to rest it on!!

Fast forward a few hours & the taxi arrived. As the hubby was hoovering. Seriously.. hoovering. I was not impressed but it made me seem to forget about panicking so much as I was shouting that the taxi was there over the sound of the hoover. Men! I had done the usual "our cases seem really heavy" thing, despite us being allowed to take up to 22kg in each case. I do it every time. And every single time we are way under.

We had done the online check-in via the Travel Agent & had booked wheelchair assistance. However when we got to the desk they had no record of the assistance. Erm what?! Slight moment of panic but she said she could add it no problem. It's at the other end that I need it more. Palma airport is ridiculously huge so without them helping us through security etc it would be a nightmare with the wheelchair. But all was ok. And our cases weighed about 5kg under! Surprise surprise.

Little miss practising for her holiday!

Then it was security which always makes me anxious for some reason. But we were soon through. My daughter was relieved that none of us had anything bad on us!! We went through to the departure lounge & nipped to the loo. The next thing, we heard someone knocking on the door. And then again. Probably kids I thought. But no, hubby was standing there saying he had heard an announcement with our name saying to go to a particular gate as a matter of urgency. Bloody brilliant. However he hadn't been listening properly so had no idea where to go. 'Surely they wouldn't be calling us' I thought... I sent him off to find someone as I was annoyed I'd not had chance to look at duty free (!) & he came back a few minutes later saying it was someone else with the same name.. I was not very happy with him & I stomped (wheeled myself) off into Superdrug!!

I managed to grab a few bits I'd wanted for a while (Rimmel stay matte primer, holiday necessity!) then suddenly it was time to board. With having wheelchair assistance we had to get to the gate earlier than the other passengers. An hour earlier in fact. The guy found us before we found him & took us to the ambi-lift which is a special lift they use to take you up to the plane, which was quite far away. I was also complimented on my funky wheels several times which was nice! Why have a boring wheelchair when you can have a blinged one (post all about it here!)

Leading the way to the plane!

Our seats were towards the back of the plane & they had said we would board via the rear steps, but the lift goes at the front so I had a bit of a walk down the plane. It was fine though. We usually get on first but this time it was after everyone else. Cue all the stares from people! (This is when I feel like wearing a badge saying I have a chronic illness)..

And then the panic started. I hate taking off. I always sit with my eyes shut & my head under a pashmina because I'm a big baby, but this time my friend had given me a tip (you know who you are!!) to keep my eyes open & look out of the window when taking off. I didn't know if I would be able to do it, but I did. For the first time in years. I can't say I particularly enjoyed it but I was so proud! And it really did make a difference. I didn't feel as scared or as iffy as usual. Until the turbulence kicked in & I freaked haha.

Because the flight was only a few hours it wasn't that bad. Sort of. And it did go quite fast. Once they have been round with drinks, snacks etc & we've eaten half our sweets it soon passes the time. My daughter was kept occupied with various crafty bits I'd got her & her DS which I ended up playing Super Mario on for a while! There was a fair bit of turbulence on the way down so I wasn't as brave as on the way up (I was a complete & utter scaredy cat as my daughter would say) but after some breathing exercises & telling myself it was fine we were down. Yay, we were in Majorca!!!

To be continued..



  1. It seems different airlines have different policies for where the ambilift goes. It's useful to find out and then get them to book you allocated seats close to that exit. Saves that walk of shame. But if I ever have to walk I always get the guy in the viz vest to help walk ahead and I tend to hold on to them. Or use the evac chair that wheels you down the aisle. Xxx

    1. I never even thought about the lift when seats were booked when we did check in online! It wasn't that huge a plane though so wasn't too bad.. I've only ever seen lifts at the front so that's interesting xx

    2. I never even thought about the lift when seats were booked when we did check in online! It wasn't that huge a plane though so wasn't too bad.. I've only ever seen lifts at the front so that's interesting xx


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